The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO)


Japan—where “delicious” also means “beautiful”.

As cherry blossoms color the streets of Tokyo,
lingering snow illuminates the plains of the northern lands,
and people bathe in the sea surrounding the southern islands.
On this island nation stretching from north to south,
seasons come and go, revealing the many faces of nature.

Encircling seas and rich fishing grounds.
Expansive farmlands in the northern countryside.
Idyllic landscapes with flourishing rice fields.
The iconic peak of Mount Fuji.
Old cities revealing stories of the past.
Ample water flowing from the mountains and forests.
Massive volcanoes and hot springs.
Crystal blue water and coral reefs in the southern seas.

Our food is a product of our beautiful nature,
and we describe its taste as having the same beauty.
In Japan, “delicious” also means “beautiful.”

Established to promote Japanese food and culture around the world,
JFOODO will join forces with Japan’s 47 prefectures
to raise the profile of Japanese food.
From seafood to farm products to Japanese sake,
we aspire to promote our food by shedding light on
the rich culinary culture that helps cultivate these foods.
The mission of JFOODO is to reinforce the value of products made in Japan
by building a strong brand identity for Japanese food and culture.