The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO)

Message from the President

The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO) , a new organization within Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), was established to devote its resources to the branding of Japanese agricultural, forestry, fishery and food products.

To further boost the export value of Japan’s agricultural, forestry, fishery and food products, we believe that collective effort from both public and private sectors is imperative on all levels, including market needs analysis of Japanese food and exposure of Japanese food around the globe through promotions.

The number of international visitors to Japan continues to surge, hitting a record high of over 24 million in 2016. Currently, an estimate of around 90,000 Japanese restaurants are said to be operating outside Japan. Japanese food has become one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and is considered easily enjoyable by anyone. With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games coming up, we firmly believe that this trend will continue.

As Japanese food continues to go global, we also believe that more attention will be paid to Japanese agricultural, forestry, fishery and food products, the main components of our cuisine. However, in the context of trade strategy, our aim is not only to export our food products as mere ingredients but we also believe in the importance of promoting how versatile Japanese food products are and how they can be applied to local cuisines and lifestyles around the globe.

There is a wide variety of Japanese food products with the potential to tap into new markets abroad. JFOODO’s mission is to bring the public and private sectors together to create a strong brand identity for Japanese food products and to promote them globally.

We hope to share with the world what Japan has to offer – our excellent craftsmanship, delicious food, and culinary culture that enriches everyday lives.

We look forward to working with you as we embark on new challenges.

Eizo Kobayashi