JETRO concludes comprehensive partnership promotion agreement with Kumamoto University
-Leveraging the strengths of both parties to promote global human resource development, industry-academia collaboration and innovation-

February 2024

JETRO is pleased to announce that on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, it concluded a comprehensive cooperation promotion agreement with Kumamoto University, a national university corporation, with three main pillars: the development of global human resources, the promotion of global industry-academia collaboration and the promotion of global innovation.

The agreement will be an opportunity to contribute to the promotion of innovation from a global perspective, and to contribute to economic and human resource development in the Kumamoto region and Japan, by combining the strengths of Kumamoto University's human resources and R&D capabilities with JETRO's network of offices in 75 cities across 55 countries overseas as well as all prefectures of Japan.

Ⅰ Main contents of agreement

  1. Developing globally-minded personnel
    Opportunities for interaction will be created between students, including those from abroad, of Kumamoto University and foreign companies and foreign-affiliated companies in Japan with which JETRO has a network. In addition, JETRO will introduce overseas dispatch programs it conducts with the aim of nurturing entrepreneurs to globally-oriented students, including those from abroad, and researchers of Kumamoto University, and through this, promote human resources who can develop global business with an eye to overseas markets.
  2. Promotion of global industry-academia collaboration
    Exchange will be encouraged between outstanding researchers at Kumamoto University and overseas companies, foreign-affiliated companies in Japan and R&D bases with which JETRO has a network. Further, through its ecosystem support projects, JETRO will actively provide opportunities for exchange between Kumamoto University and overseas companies and startups in cooperation with local governments and industries that support the regional ecosystem around Kumamoto. Through this, JETRO aims to promote global industry-academia collaboration.
  3. Promoting global innovation
    JETRO will promote innovation at Kumamoto University-related startups by providing a diverse range of support for overseas expansion through JETRO's local networks overseas to globally-oriented ventures originating from Kumamoto University and startups founded by researchers from Kumamoto University.

Ⅱ Examples of collaboration to date

  1. Participation of Kumamoto University-related startups in JETRO preparatory program to support overseas expansion
    JETRO provides support for overseas business expansion by startups, and from April to September 2023, JETRO and Kumamoto City co-sponsored a preparatory program for startups aiming to be selected for the project in Kumamoto City. This program was attended by ventures originating from Kumamoto University and startups created by researchers from Kumamoto University.
  2. Online event linking foreign companies with students, including those from abroad, at universities nationwide
    In November 2023, JETRO organized an online event to connect foreign companies active in Japan, such as Philips Japan, and students, including those from abroad, at universities across Japan (such as those with which JETRO has concluded partnership promotion agreements), which was co-hosted by Kumamoto University and joined by students from the school.
  3. Invitation of Taiwanese startups to promote expansion into Kumamoto in collaboration with Kumamoto Prefectural Government
    In January 2024, JETRO and the Kumamoto Prefectural Government jointly invited Taiwanese startups to promote expansion into Kumamoto. A venture originating from Kumamoto University took part in an event for networking with startups in Kumamoto held on the occasion, while Kumamoto University also welcomed a visit from Taiwanese startups.
  4. JETRO's online business matching program
    Researchers from Kumamoto University will participate in JETRO's online business matching program, which is currently being implemented to promote collaboration between foreign companies and Japanese research institutions and companies, and are scheduled to meet with overseas companies.
  5. Business platform "Japan Innovation Bridge (J-Bridge)"
    Researchers from Kumamoto University are registered on Japan Innovation Bridge (J-Bridge), a business platform for the creation of open innovation internationally between Japanese companies and research institutions and overseas startups and the like conducted by JETRO.

Ⅲ Contact for further information:

JETRO Kumamoto Trade Information Center
Tel: 096-354-4211