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JETRO Hanoi and the Foreign Trade University jointly hosted the "University-Launched Business Plan Awards” for the first time

May 2023

On May 27th, JETRO Hanoi and the Foreign Trade University (FTU) jointly hosted the "University-Launched Business Plan Awards”.

In the opening remarks, Mr. Nakajima Takeo, Chief Representative of JETRO Hanoi encouraged the seven finalists, "I hope you will continue to use this experience to think about how to improve your country and society and to develop yourself.

Each team had 7 minutes for presentation and then had 5 minutes to answer questions from the two judges. The competition was a bit tense atmosphere, some students were so nervous that they forgot what they were going to say, but they were warmly cheered and applauded by the audience.

The results of the judging were a unanimous decision after all the judges gathered in another room and discussed.

Opening remarks by Chief Rep. Nakajima

Kobayashi, Deputy Chief Rep.,

Prior to the award ceremony, Mr. Kobayashi Keisuke, Deputy Chief Rep of JETRO Hanoi, commented, "I am sure there were harsh comments from the Japanese companies about the feasibility of the plans, but they are all excellent ideas “. The award ceremony was presented by Ms. Pham Thu Huong, Vice President of FTU and Ms. Kurosu Mihoko, another Deputy Chief Rep of JETRO Hanoi.

In the address at the closing ceremony, Ms. Tran Thi Thu Thuy, Dean of FTU’s Faculty of Japanese, said, "This was the first business plan contest in Japanese language in Vietnam, and it was very meaningful.”

We would like to thank all the Japanese companies who agreed to serve as judges for this event, as well as the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JCCI) for their support.

JETRO Hanoi will contribute to the development of core human resources who will play a key role in strengthening Japan-Vietnam economic relations through connecting outstanding Vietnamese human resources with Japanese companies.

1st prize group

Group photo

1st Prize: "Let's Vietnam” -Promote tourism in Vietnam through the VR game
2nd Prize: “Recyclio” -Operating educational facilities and programs for environmental protection for children
3rd Prize:” VIRTUAL FITTING ROOM” -online fitting application using 3D models
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