Online dialogue with Chairman of Russia’s Skolkovo Foundation

October 2020

On October 28, JETRO held an online dialogue between Arkady Dvorkovich, Chairman of Russia’s Skolkovo Foundation, and NOBUTANI Kazushige, President of JETRO. The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates the Skolkovo Innovation Center, often referred to as the Russian version of Silicon Valley, and promotes the diversification of the Russian economy.

At the meeting, President Nobutani introduced JETRO's efforts for Russian startups to enter the Japanese market and Chairman Dvorkovich mentioned examples of cooperation with Japanese companies supported by Skolkovo. Chairman Dvorkovich pointed out promising areas for future startup cooperation between the two countries such as smart cities, online education, telemedicine and manufacturing automation.

JETRO will continue to support economic exchange with Russia, which has a large pool of highly-skilled technical personnel, as part of industrial cooperation between Russia and Japan.

Chairman Dvorkovich of Skolkovo Foundation

Skolkovo Innovation Center

Pitch event at "Open Innovations"