"JETRO Business Course" at FTU Hanoi

- Support for cultivation of human resources who play a central role in strengthening economic relationship between Vietnam and Japan -

January 2020

On January 16, JETRO Hanoi held a graduation ceremony for granting certificates of completion for its course "Introduction of Business Models from Japanese Companies” (referred to as the “JETRO Business Course”). It started in FY2018, based on a memorandum of cooperation concluded between Foreign Trade University Hanoi (FTU) and JETRO in January 2018, and this fiscal year marks its second year. This is a first-of-its-kind activity in which JETRO provides a course for university students to earn formal credits toward graduation, and it is positioned as a part of the organization’s support for promoting the utilization of global human resources.

Under the cooperation of seven Japanese companies in Vietnam, the course was begun in November 2019. The head of each company gave lectures on topics including their aims in entering the country, business activities, strategies, challenges, desired human resources and future prospects. In December, through a presentation test, students gave group presentations based on the lectures. Companies from a wide variety fields such as manufacturers, trading firms, retailers and financial institutions took part in the course and graded the presentations themselves.


Filled with university students


On this occasion, certificates of completion were handed to 49 highly performing students in the presence of President Bùi Anh Tuấn of FTU and representatives of contributing Japanese companies.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Chief Representative Takeo Nakajima of JETRO Hanoi extended appreciation to the Japanese companies which gave lectures and FTU, and emphasized the following three features of the course:

  1. Having the presidents of Japanese companies active in the frontlines of business in Vietnam directly address student,
  2. Allowing students to hear from companies operating in a variety of fields and scales, and
  3. Providing an opportunity for students to learn practical Japanese used in business.

In addition, through his special guest remarks, President and General Director Tetsu Funayama of Mitsubishi Corporation (Vietnam) expressed his hope for students to become "global citizens" after the course.

Following that, taking the podium to deliver words of gratitude on behalf of the graduating class, Hoàng Thu An expressed her strong resolution, saying, "Through this course we were able to hear from Japanese companies of various fields and sizes, and the fact that all of them used the key phrase "contribution to society" left an impression. From here on, I would also like to contribute to Vietnam’s social and economic growth."

JETRO will continue contributing to cultivating human resources who play a central role in strengthening the economic ties between both countries through activities to bridge Vietnamese students and Japanese companies seeking excellent Vietnamese human resources.

Students holding certificates

Greeting by Chief Representative Nakajima of JETRO Hanoi

Photo session