Invest Japan Seminar for Innovation at Taiwan's largest startup event, Meet Taipei 2019

November 2019

On November 15, JETRO held an Invest Japan Seminar titled "Taipei Meets Japan’s Regions -Startup ecosystem and regional business opportunities-" at the Global Stage within one of Taiwan's largest startup events "Meet Taipei 2019”. The seminar aimed to draw the attention of promising startups active in the fields of AI, IoT, and healthcare in Taipei, Taiwan, a city aspiring to grow through innovation-driven economic development. Toward approximately 80 Taiwanese companies in attendance, JETRO disseminated information on the allures and business opportunities in the Japanese market as well as the attractiveness of Japan’s local regions, calling on them to work together with Japanese companies and to invest in Japan.

In the session "Creating a Global Startup Ecosystem," presentations were delivered by Mr. Ching of Rainmaking Innovation Company Limited, and Ms. Liang of the Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC). They mentioned that there is much for Taiwanese companies to learn from the innovation of the Japanese market, which has similar fields of focus to Taiwan, and the business environment. In addition, Mr. Ching explained that the reason Rainmaking established a site in Osaka was due to an environment of multifaceted support, such as an ample ecosystem and local government assistance, excellent living conditions, and the existence of open-minded local companies.

Meet Taipei

In the session "Strength, Challenges, and Collaboration," presentations were delivered by Mr. Inoue of Denso Corporation and Ms. Nagae of the Aichi-Nagoya International Business Access Center (I-BAC). Mr. Inoue stated that his company is currently focused on the fields of motorization, ADAS/AD, connected systems, and factory automation, and invested approximately six billion yen in startups in 2019. He also mentioned that it is seeking startups with excellent technologies capable of becoming unicorns in order to work together with them. Touching on the concentration of manufacturing in Aichi, particularly of automobiles, Ms. Nagae made a call for attendees to take part in the incubation facility "Station Ai," in which Denso is also participating.

In the session "Support for World-Class Technologies," presentations were delivered by Mr. Harada of KSP and Mr. Iwata of the Kanagawa Industrial Promotion Center. Mr. Harada introduced KSP’s record in investing and in collaborating with client companies and overseas companies, as well as the support framework it jointly set up with Kanagawa Prefecture and JETRO. Mr. Iwata introduced the fact that number of overseas companies have entered Kanagawa, which has three of the National Strategic Special Zones—specialized in fields such as healthcare, life-science and life support robotics—as well as an abundance of science parks such as KSP.

In the session "Success Stories of Taiwanese Startups," presentations were delivered by Mr. Liao of Golface and Mr. Mizuno of Fukuoka City. As the 100th company to set up business through “Startup Cafe” in Fukuoka, Mr. Liao presented the experiences his company went through in the process of coming to the city. It included Fukuoka City's support for public relations, the merits of geographic proximity for easy round-trip travel between Taiwan and Japan, and gaining an understanding of the Japanese business environment through participating in competition in Japan. Mr. Mizuno introduced the facility for startups "Fukuoka Growth Next" and subsidies dedicated to overseas startups.

At a networking reception after the seminar, participants visited PR tables set up by the presenting companies and local authorities, as well as JETRO, and engaged in lively discussions.

With the aim of creating innovation, JETRO will continue to facilitate collaboration between Japanese and Taiwanese companies as well as help Taiwanese companies enter Japan.

* This seminar was held under the consigned budget of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Network reception

PR table of a local authority

Outline of seminar

Date and time Friday, November 15, 2019 14:00 - 16:45
Venue EXPO Dome within Meet Taipei 2019
Organizers Japan External Trade Organization, Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association
Co-organizers Meet, Business Next Media

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

Visitors Approximately 80 people
  1. Creating a Global Startup Ecosystem
    1. Liang Yu, Deputy Secretary-general, Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC)
    2. Ken Ching, Managing Director, Rainmaking Innovation Company Limited
  2. Strength, Challenges, and Collaboration
    1. NAGAE Yumi, Manager, Aichi Nagoya Business Access Center Assistant Director of Investment and Trade Division, Aichi Prefectural Government
    2. INOUE Toru, Career Partner of Denso Corporation
  3. Support for World-Class Technologies
    1. IWATA Naohiko, Chief Representative, Dalian Office of Kanagawa Industrial Promotion Center
    2. HARADA Kenichi, Manager, Incubation and Investment Division, KSP, Inc.
  4. Success Story of Taiwanese Startup
    1. MIZUNO Soto, Assistant Director, Fukuoka City
    2. Ian Liao, Co-Founder/CEO, Golface
  5. Taipei Meets JETRO: Support for foreign companies
    1. HOSHINO Shisa, Invest Japan Promotion Division, JETRO
  6. Closing remarks
    1. TAKASHIMA Tomohiro, Director, JETRO Taiwanese Company Investment Support Group
  7. Network reception