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JETRO Topics

Dialogue with Governor of the People's Government of Sichuan Province

May 2018

On May 9, JETRO Chairman and CEO Hiroyuki Ishige had a dialoge with Governor Yin Li of the People's Government of Sichuan Province in Tokyo, on the occasion of the governor's visit to Japan.

Chairman Ishige explained the present concrete achievements of the following four joint activities with the Government of Sichuan Province which were proposed in a dialogue last August:

  1. Development of service industries including restaurants and food
  2. Reinforcement of collaboration in the nursing and healthcare fields
  3. Facilitation of business matching for auto-related companies
  4. Promotion of exchange between companies in the two countries, and expansion of two-way investment

In addition, Chairman Ishige made a new proposal for enhanced interpersonal exchange including through dispatch of an industrial tour to Sichuan by Japanese auto-related companies located in the coastal regions.

Agreeing with JETRO's proposal, Governor Yin stated his hope for exchange between companies of Sichuan and Japan in various fields and the deepening of mutual understanding. The governor also mentioned that the gravity center of economic growth has been shifting to Western China, and expressed his high expectation for doing business with Japanese companies in such new fields as home medical equipment, electric vehicles and environmental protection.

There are 138 corporate members of the Chengdu Japanese Commerce and Industry Club, nearly double the 70 in 2010, and there has recently been a notable increase in entry by companies active in the fields of automobiles, liquid crystal and service. JETRO will proactively disseminate information to both Sichuanese and Japanese companies to promote mutual understanding, and contribute to the further development of two-way business.