A dialogue wth Governor of Jiangsu Province Wu Zhenglong

December 2017

December 26, Chairman and CEO Hiroyuki Ishige had a dialogue with Governor Wu Zhenglong of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government in Nanjing.

In line with the local government’s plans for “creating a new Jiangsu Province,” which includes the development of innovation and improvement of people's daily lives, Chairman Ishige proposed the following action plan by JETRO:

  1. Holding a meeting between the provincial government and Japanese companies on a regular basis in order to contribute to the local economy,
  2. Helping companies from the province to further invest in Japan, and
  3. Facilitating business exchange in strategic fields.

Approximately 6,000 Japanese companies are active in Jiangsu Province, mainly in the fields of automobiles, electricity and electronics. They account for nearly 20% of all (approx. 33,000) Japanese companies in China, and nearly 30% of all those (approx. 22,000) in East China. Illustrating the significant impact Japanese companies have on the province, Chairman Ishige stressed that deepening mutual exchange between companies from the province and Japan and having sustainable dialogues is important in terms of developing the economies of both countries.

In response, Governor Wu agreed with JETRO's action plan, and expressed his desire to raise the level of the province's industrial structure working together with JETRO and Japanese companies. In this regard, he has high hopes for close cooperative relations with JETRO in strengthening innovation and realizing a green economy in Jiangsu Province.