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Investment symposium on Internet of Things in Taiwan

January 2017

On January 18, JETRO held a large-scale investment symposium in Taipei, Taiwan, focused on the field of the Internet of Things (IoT). The symposium was joined by 116 people and speeches were delivered by an authority on the IoT market as well as representatives from two Taiwanese companies active in Japan's IoT field. They spoke on the attractiveness of Japan as an investment destination and merits of doing business in the country from their individual points of view. This was JETRO's fourth symposium in Taiwan promoting investment into Japan since FY2015, (the first being held in Taipei in December 2015, and the second and third in Gaoxiong and Taichung in August 2016), and this session's focus, the IoT field, is an area where there is much potential for collaboration with Japanese companies and expansion into Japan for specific industrial sectors where Taiwanese companies excel. While this was the first time for JETRO to hold a symposium in Taiwan targeting a specific field, the event helped demonstrate that this is one which Taiwanese companies are enthusiastic about.

Passionate call for investment in Japan

In his keynote speech, Tomohiro Takashima, Director-General of JETRO's Invest Japan Department, emphasized the importance of Taiwan and Japan working in collaboration to resolve common issues such as that of an aging society with a falling birthrate, increased social security costs and problems in environment and energy, emphasizing how the Taiwan-Japan relationship is deepening in terms of tourism and economy. He made a passionate call for investment in Japan by describing the country's allures from three different standpoints: Japan's massive consumer market, the high level of technology and deregulation. Mr. Takashima also illustrated the opportunities available to enter the Japanese market by introducing specific cases in the past.

Keynote speech by JETRO Director-General Takashima

Business opportunities in Japanese IoT sector

Toru Shimizu, Director of the Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA), spoke on specific business opportunities in the Japanese IoT industry. Following that, Mike Koike, President of Advantech Co., Ltd., and Jeryuan Yan, CEO of Next Drive Inc., individually offered examples of activities conducted by Taiwanese firms to begin local operations in the field. Keibun Chen, a staff member of the Taiwanese Company Investment Support Group of the JETRO Foreign Affiliate Support Division, introduced JETRO’s support services and its framework. The session ended with representatives from local governments; the Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC), Kyoto, Aichi and Nagoya City; respectively presenting on activities they are now conducting in the IoT field.

Presentation by CEO Mike Koike of Advantech

Additional PR by local governments and handling inquiries

At a networking reception following the symposium, Hokkaido joined the local governments which presented earlier to offer information on their own advantages and possible incentives at a PR corner. A consultation corner was also set up by JETRO to respond to inquiries from Taiwanese companies. It became clear that many Taiwanese companies have great interest in doing business in the Japanese IoT field.

JETRO consultation corner

Outline of the symposium

Date Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 2:00pm -5:30pm
Venue Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel
Organizers Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association
Co-organizers Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
Taipei Computer Association (TCA)
Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (TEEMA)
Taiwan-Japan Industrial Collaboration Promotion Office (TJPO)
Attendees 116 people (including 18 people from 15 media outlets)
Program outline
  • Greeting by organizer: Izuru Hanaki, Deputy Representative of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association
  • Greeting by co-organizer: Hui Li Chiu, Executive Director of Market Development Department of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
  • Keynote speech: Tomohiro Takashima, Director-General of JETRO Invest Japan Department
  • Presentation 1: “Specific Business Opportunities in the Japanese IoT Industry”
    • Toru Shimizu, Director of the Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA)
  • Presentation 2: “Examples of Activities Conducted by Taiwanese Firms to Start Business in the Japanese IoT Industry”
    • Mike Koike, President of Advantech Co., Ltd.
    • Jeryuan Yan, CEO of Next Drive Inc.
  • Presentation 3: “JETRO’s Support Services and Its Framework”
    Keibun Chen, staff member of the Taiwanese Company Investment Support Group of JETRO Foreign Affiliate Support Division
  • Presentation 4: “Activities Conducted by Local Governments in the IoT Field” (O-BIC, Kyoto, Aichi and Nagoya City)
  • Networking reception
    * A PR corner set up by the local governments above and Hokkaido