First symposium on investment in Japan takes place in Taiwan

December 2015

On December 21, 2015, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the Interchange Association, Japan (IAJ) jointly organized an Invest Japan symposium in Taipei. This is the first time for the two organizations to hold such an investment symposium in Taiwan.

The event attracted 240 attendees mainly from Taiwanese companies and business-related organizations. A variety of advantages and benefits in doing business in Japan were introduced by executives of leading Taiwanese companies active in the country, as well as by JETRO.

In his keynote speech, President Yasushi Akahoshi of JETRO promoted the allure of Japan’s investment environment, such as the existence of diverse SMEs possessing excellent technological capabilities, as well as the fact that Japan and Taiwan have many issues in common, including an aging society. The Japanese business environment has been improving remarkably, he continued, due to factors such the reduced corporate tax rate, cost reduction and regulatory and structural reforms under “Abenomics” over the three years since the inauguration of the Abe administration, which has enabled the creation of a virtuous cycle in the Japanese economy. He also focused on the growing advantages in investing in Japan, such as attractive rural areas, a sophisticated yet huge consumer market and advanced technology. Emphasizing that the door to developing businesses in Japan was open wide to Taiwanese companies, President Akahoshi said, “Now is the perfect time to invest in Japan. Please feel free to consult with JETRO.”

President Yasushi Akahoshi of JETRO

For this seminar, three Taiwanese companies which have invested in Japan were invited as guest speakers. Shirley Yang, Senior Vice President of Japan Retail Banking Department, Tokyo Branch, CTBC Bank Co., Ltd. emphasized that Japan, as the third largest economic giant in the world, had an important market indispensable to the globalization of her company. She then referred to her company’s policy to expand financial services to business flowing among the three countries of Japan, Taiwan and China in the future, in addition to the real property finance and M&A business partnership support they have been engaged in between Japan and Taiwan.

Mitsuhiro Chen, President of Nihon Sansho Food Service Co., Ltd. spoke on his experience establishing a subsidiary in Japan in February 2014, saying that the process for incorporation went smoothly thanks to the experts introduced by JETRO. He recommended the audience to make good use of JETRO in starting their investment in Japan.

Emilie Lu, President of ASUS Japan focused on how her Japanese subsidiary was utilized as a sales and promotions base, as well as on the fact that the image of products made in Taiwan has been significantly improving among Japanese people, which contributed to enhancing her company’s brand image in Japan.

Finally, Director General Ryoichi Ito of JETRO Hong Kong introduced detailed services of JETRO including the Invest Japan Business Support Center. He also requested the audience to contact JETRO Hong Kong or the Taiwan desk of the Invest Japan Department of JETRO Headquarters if they wish to receive consultation about investment in Japan.

At the network reception held after the seminar, the participants actively talked about their business development in Japan. Additionally, some local governments in Japan, including Hokkaido, Chiba, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Kumamoto Prefectures, as well as the Osaka Business and Investment Center and Fukuoka City, set up PR booths at the venue to introduce their attractive investment environments that differ from region to region. JETRO also had its consultation booth for Taiwanese companies attending the seminar to respond to any concrete questions and inquiries.

Symposium on Taiwanese Investment in Japan
Date & Venue Monday, December 21, 2015  2:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Regent Taipei Ball Room 
Organizers Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Interchange Association, Japan (IAJ)
Co-organizers Third Wednesday Club, Taiwan Japan Association for Business Communication
Supporters Department of Investment Services, Ministry of Economic Affairs; Taiwan External Trade Development Council
Visitors 240 persons (Taiwanese companies and organizations, mass media and more)
Program Outline
Symposium Opening speech from the co-organizer: Theodore SS Cheng, Adviser to the Third Wednesday Club and the Taiwan Japan Association for Business Communication
Keynote speech: Yasushi Akahoshi, President of JETRO
Speech: Shirley Yang, Senior Vice President of the Japan Retail Banking Department, Tokyo Branch, CTBC Bank Co., Ltd. Senior Vice President
Speech: Mitsuhiro Chen, President of Nihon Sansho Food Service Co., Ltd.
Speech: Emilie Lu, President of ASUS Japan Co., Ltd.
Support service for investment in Japan provided by JETRO and points to note in investment in Japan: Ryoichi Ito, Director General of JETRO Hong Kong
Reception Opening speech: Mikio Numata, Representative of the Interchange Association, Japan
Local government PR booths: Hokkaido, Chiba, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Kumamoto Prefectures, Osaka Business and Investment Center, Fukuoka City