Opening of JETRO Miyazaki

December 2015

On December 8, JETRO held an opening ceremony for its 43rd domestic office in Miyazaki Prefecture, which was established on October 28. Miyazaki is famous for its local specialties such as Miyazaki beef, shochu (distilled liquor), tea, Japanese amberjack and cedar. The prefecture also features unique products with excellent ability and much potential such as “Miyazaki caviar 1983.”

Approximately 50 representatives attended the opening ceremony of JETRO Miyazaki, including Tsuneo Kitamura, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry; Shunji Kono, Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture; local governments and business circles. In his opening remarks, JETRO Chairman and CEO Hiroyuki Ishige emphasized the significance of establishing this office and pledged JETRO’s contribution to the global strategy of the prefecture.


Ribbon cutting


Opening remarks by JETRO Chairman Ishige


Guest speech by Parliamentary Vice-Minister Kitamura


Greeting by Governor Kono

In his guest speech, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Kitamura expressed his hope that JETRO Miyazaki will take full advantage of Miyazaki’s strengths through efficiently using its abundant tourism resources. At the commemorative reception joined by approximately 150 guests, Governor Kono requested companies participating from around the prefecture to “proactively utilize JETRO Miyazaki.”


Ceremonial opening of sake barrel at reception

Three pillars of activities implemented by JETRO Miyazaki

JETRO Miyazaki will implement activities focused on the following three pillars:
1. Facilitating exports of agricultural, forestry and fishery products of Miyazaki Prefecture
2. Assisting overseas expansion by companies of the prefecture
3. Attracting inbound demands that will invigorate the region, such as inviting foreign-affiliated companies