MOU signed with Shibaura Institute of Technology

December 2015

On December 3, JETRO concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) concerning comprehensive collaboration with Shibaura Institute of Technology. Through this MOU, JETRO will make a social contribution by creating innovation together with the institute. Both parties agreed to develop and produce human resources in the fields of science and engineering mainly in Southeast Asia and to help resolve social issues such as challenges Japanese-affiliated and local companies are facing as well as environmental concerns.

Shibaura Institute of Technology has proactively implemented activities to develop human resources and promoted interaction in Southeast Asia with the aim of providing practical education in science and engineering as well as fostering global engineers. In response to the need for collaboration with industrial circles and governmental organizations, the institute proposed to establish the Global Technology Initiative (GTI) Consortium for the purpose of accelerating this trend. JETRO will achieve the objectives of this agreement through participating and cooperating in the consortium, which was established on the same day of the MOU conclusion.

Following the signing ceremony, JETRO co-organized a symposium entitled “Fostering Global Engineers/Scientists and Creating Technological Innovations by Strengthening Collaborations between Industry-Government-Academia” together with the institute. This kick-off event for the GTI Consortium attracted approximately 350 attendees from Japan and abroad.


MOU signing ceremony


GTI consortium kick-off symposium