Indonesia-Japan Business, Trade & Investment Partnership Symposium

November 2015

On November 24, held the Indonesia-Japan Business, Trade & Investment Partnership Symposium in Jakarta as a joint event with the Indonesia-Japan Cultural, Economic and Tourism Mission which was dispatched to promote exchange between the two countries. The symposium was joined by Mission Leader Toshihiro Nikai, Chairman of the Japan-Indonesia Parliamentary League (Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party General Council) and Japanese Diet members participating in the mission, as guests. Approximately 500 representatives also attended this event from the government and companies of Indonesia, Japanese firms doing or considering business with Indonesia, the Japanese Government and the press of both countries.

In his opening remarks, JETRO Chairman Hiroyuki Ishige praised the policy of Indonesia to achieve a higher-level of liberalization. He emphasized that with its aim of “shifting from exports of resources to those of industrial products” in its priority policy of “attracting export-oriented investment,” the Indonesian Government encourages utilization of free trade agreements. In addition, he continued, Indonesian President Joko Widodo expressed to US President Barack Obama his intention to take part in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) during his recent visit to the US. In line with this policy, Chairman Ishige pledged JETRO’s continued cooperation in three fields: (1) promoting exports from Indonesia and developing local industries; (2) facilitating investment exchange between Indonesia and Japan; and (3) contributing to regional economic integration.

Thomas Trikasih Lembong, Indonesian Minister of Trade, acclaimed the outcomes of Abenomics and various reforms implemented by the Abe administration. He added that his country, which is easing a series of regulations since late 2015, also hopes to achieve such dynamic reforms.

Motoo Hayashi, Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, pointed out that, amid the uncertain outlook of the world economy, proactive cooperation between Indonesia and Japan will play an important role in driving global economic growth by enhancing the growth potential of the Asia Pacific. In terms of this cooperation, he proposed three approaches: (1) establishing the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP), a free trade zone in the Asia Pacific; (2) constructing high-quality infrastructure in Indonesia; and (3) developing supporting industries in the country.


Opening remarks by JETRO Chairman Ishige


Greeting by Indonesian Minister Lembong


Greeting by Japanese Minister Hayashi

Shigeo Ohyagi, Chair of the Japan-Indonesia Economic Committee, the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren), also took the podium, stating that his organization will take the initiative in contributing to economic growth in Indonesia through expanding investment, developing highly-skilled industrial human resources and strengthening the financial systems.

In the plenary session, presentations were made by governments and companies of Indonesia and Japan under the theme of economic and industrial development strategies and potential of business cooperation between the two countries. JETRO gave an introduction about its activities to promote inward investment into Japan and changes in the investment environment of the country.

Following the plenary session, speakers were divided into four breakout sessions (fostering supporting industries and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); cultivation of new industries; infrastructure development; and exchange and cooperation regarding human resources), being involved in lively discussions regarding how collaboration in the private sector should be between the two countries.


Greeting by Committee Chair of Keidanren Ohyagi


Scene of venue