Developing markets from Lagos International Trade Fair in Nigeria

November 2015

Organizing the largest pavilion in major Nigerian trade fair

In the mercantile city of Lagos in Nigeria, a major economic power in Africa, the Lagos International Trade Fair has been held every year. In the 2015 fair from November 6 to 15, exhibitors gathered in the venue of approximately 40,000m2 from Japan, China, Ghana, Egypt, India, EU countries, Indonesia and Ethiopia in addition to the host country of Nigeria. They took part in business talks in a broad range of sectors such as food, general merchandise, home electric appliances, automobiles, furniture and building materials. JETRO organized the largest pavilion in this fair, with 26 Japanese companies (34 companies including sub-exhibitors). The Japan Pavilion attracted 37,300 visitors, which was almost a 30% increase from the previous year. Quality Japanese products drew a great deal of interest. Through these business talks, many deals were expected to be concluded and Japanese exhibitors also enjoyed brisk sales on the spot. Gaining significant popularity from a spectrum of stakeholders including key local figures, buyers and consumers, the Japan Pavilion was awarded the “Best Pavilion Prize” for the second consecutive year.


Exhibition (1)


Exhibition (2)

Supporting marketing of exhibitors by grasping local consumers’ needs

As part of a marketing survey in Nigeria, JETRO conducted group interviews with local consumers. These interviews were held jointly with a local research firm for target segments which were selected by Japanese companies in advance and based on questions prepared by them.


Group interview with owners of motorcycles