Forum commemorating 50th anniversary of Korea-Japan relations

October 2015

On October 6, JETRO co-organized the “Korea-Japan Industrial Cooperation Forum toward the Next 50 Years Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Normalization of Bilateral Relations” in Tokyo together with the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). The forum attracted approximately 230 attendees from companies and related organizations.

In his opening remarks, JETRO President Yasushi Akahoshi touched on increasing awareness about Korean products in Japan as a result of widespread grassroots exchange in the private sector between the two countries, some of which have already penetrated into the Japanese market. Wishing to accelerate this trend, he requested Korean companies to make proactive efforts at entering Japan. He also expressed his intention to continue various activities toward expanding economic exchange between the two countries.

President and CEO Kim Jaehong of KOTRA pointed out the shift of the industrial structure between Korea and Japan from vertical to horizontal connections and emphasized the need for both countries to resolve common issues, such as their respective aging populations, through collaboration in order to establish stronger partnership.


JETRO President Akahoshi



In Part 1, under the theme of “Current Conditions of Korea-Japan Business Cooperation”, presentations were given by both Korean and Japanese companies.

Executive Director for Networks Toshio Takahashi of Samsung Electronics Japan introduced his company’s initiatives regarding Korea-Japan partnership. He disclosed its goal of creating an affluent ICT society built on 5th generation technology by pursuing business beneficial for both sides.

President Hirotsugu Ishiyama of Mitsubishi Corporation Korea spoke on the history of economic cooperation between Korea and Japan and presented examples of joint entry into third countries, cases for which have been rapidly increasing. He also articulated the necessity for both countries, which share similar views, to collaborate with each other through maintaining a balance between competition and win-win relations.

In Part 2, under the theme of “Desirable Korea-Japan Economic Cooperation for the Next 50 Years”, speeches were provided by researchers of both countries specialized in economy and trade.


Date October 5, 2015
Venue Hotel New Otani
Organizers JETRO, KOTRA
  • Yasushi Akahoshi, President, JETRO
  • Kim Jaehong President and CEO, KOTRA
  • Toshio Takahashi, Executive Director for Networks, Samsung Electronics Japan
  • Hirotsugu Ishiyama, PRESIDENT&CEO, Mitsubishi Corporation(Korea)Ltd.
  • Satoru Okuda, Professor, Institute for Asian Studies, Asia University
  • Kim Yang-Hee, Professor, Daegu University