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Symposium commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Swiss-Japanese Relations in Switzerland

January 2014

On January 21, 2014, JETRO co-hosted the Symposium addressing the 150th Anniversary of Swiss-Japanese Relations in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Beginning with this symposium, a series of commemorative events will be held in Switzerland celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Swiss-Japanese economic relations. Under the theme of the current situation and outlook of economy, industry and partnership of both countries, the symposium, was co-hosted by a group of organizers including the Swiss Japanese Chamber of Commerce (SJCC), the Department for Economic Affairs of the Canton of Zurich and JETRO with approximately 230 attendees.

JETRO's Chairman and CEO Hiroyuki Ishige gave a presentation entitled "Japan's New Growth Strategy and JETRO's Activities" and expressed his commitment to vigorously promoting overseas direct investment into Japan as JETRO. The following is an outline of his speech.

  • The economic policy of Prime Minister Abe, referred to as "Abenomics," has been successful from the macroeconomic perspective. But its sustainability is highly dependent on the new growth strategy, in other words, on structural reform of the Japanese economy. Particular focus should be placed on global initiatives pursuing three commitments: acceleration of FTAs, agricultural reform and promotion of investment in Japan.
  • Japan is seeking negotiations on mega-FTAs, namely the EPA with the EU, the TPP with trans-Pacific countries including the United States and the RCEP with ASEAN and other Asian countries. Japan's experience with negotiations on the Japan-Switzerland FTA, the first EPA Japan concluded with a developed country, helps negotiations with these countries.
  • Neither country's agricultural industry is considered to have much experience competing in the world market and both are in need of reform. In achieving the goal of doubling the income of the agricultural industry set by the Abe government, JETRO plays a critical role in exporting agricultural products from Japan to the rest of the world.
  • The driver supporting the growth of Japan is the power of investment by the private sector. Through expansion of direct investment into Japan, JETRO will focus on bringing the growth in the world into the Japanese economy. JETRO is an organization promoting inward direct investment of overseas companies. It is ready to conclude an agreement for cooperation with its counterpart in Switzerland as part of its efforts toward building partnership frameworks with overseas trade and investment organizations.

Presentation at the symposium


Speech by JETRO Chairman Ishige
"Abenomics and JETRO's activities" (68KB)

JETRO will strive to enhance partnership with related overseas organizations as well as promote inward direct investment into Japan through the opportunities of international symposiums.

Outline of symposium

Date January 21, 2014
Venue City Hall, Winterthur, Switzerland
Organizers Swiss Japanese Chamber of Commerce (SJCC)
Department for Economic Affairs of the Canton of Zurich
City of Winterthur (Location Promotion Winterthur Region)
Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW)
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Partners Japanese Embassy in Switzerland
Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zurich (JCCI Zurich)
Switzerland Global Enterprise (SGE)
Number of attendees Approximately 230