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JETRO Topics

Business mission to Myanmar in the fields of agricultural machinery and materials

December 2013

Informational sessions and business matching to connect Japanese and Myanmar companies

From December 2 to 6, 2013, JETRO dispatched a business mission to Myanmar consisting of nine members from eight Japanese companies including agricultural machinery manufacturers, trading companies (in the fields of agricultural instruments, chemicals, food and more) and distributers. Briefing sessions and business matching events were convened by JETRO during the mission to introduce the Japanese companies to potential Myanmar partners in Yangon and Mandalay.

During business matching, approximately 45 talks were held regarding the possible sales of agricultural machinery and materials such as potato harvesters and plastic greenhouses, consultation about the tests of such instruments as well as surveys and advice related to fertilizers, seeds and soil improvement. Such business events have the potential to drive modernization and mechanization of agriculture in Myanmar, which has relied on traditional methods in the field, and in turn contribute to increasing its productivity. At the same time, this would also lead to creation of business opportunities for companies of both countries.


Visit to a farm where agricultural machinery is used


Briefing session about Japanese companies

Organizing the first business matching event in Mandalay

One of the business matching events was held in Mandalay, a major urban area in the north part of the country. This was the first briefing session and business talk event JETRO held in the city, where approximately 50 participants from local businesses and agricultural companies listened to presentations by the Japanese companies.

Visiting local agricultural farms to collect firsthand information

The mission members visited rice fields and orchards where agricultural machinery and materials have been introduced while also inspecting manufacturers and large distributers of such equipment to check how the technology is used. Much information was able to be collected from local farmers during these tours such as basic knowledge about the local market, reputation concerning Japanese products in this field and comparison with Chinese products.


Business matching

Finding a toehold for business

The participants provided positive feedback on the mission, with comments such as "Aiming to support the country's agricultural development, we were able to identify what kind of technology they require."

In March 2014, JETRO plans to invite key figures of responsible authorities in the Myanmar Government as well as leading companies in this sector to hold seminars and matching events in Tokyo and other regions in Japan.