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JETRO concludes MOU with Chongqing Municipal Government

October 2013

On October 31, 2013, JETRO concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperative activities with the Chongqing Municipal Government, which was signed by President Satoshi Miyamoto of JETRO and Deputy Mayor Heping Chen of Chongqing City.

Chongqing City, the sole direct-controlled municipality in the central and western regions of China, has seen remarkable growth recently. With a high economic growth rate expected to be sustained in the future, the city draws increasing interest from Japanese companies as a major urban area in the western area.

By concluding this MOU, JETRO will strengthen its support so as to expand economic partnership between Japan and the city.


The parties agreed to:

  • Support the presentation of Japanese companies at trade shows held in Chongqing City
  • Co-host regular dialogues between the Chongqing Municipal Government and Japanese companies
  • Promote cooperation in various fields (manufacturing, service industry, environment, energy saving, etc.)
  • Promote cooperation in the field of intellectual property rights protection

Holding Japan-China hot spring symposium

On October 30 and 31, JETRO participated in the 5th International Trade in Services (Chongqing) Summit held in Chongqing City together with Japanese companies and municipal governments.

Since its official designation as a "World Hot Spring City" in 2012 for its abundant hot spring resources, Chongqing City has placed great emphasis on the development of hot springs. Taking the opportunity of the summit, JETRO co-hosted the "Japan-China Hot Spring Symposium" with the Chongqing Municipal Government on October 31 aiming at promoting entry by the Japanese service industry into the Chinese market and attracting tourists to Japan. Under the common theme of hot springs, we were exploring the possibility for future cooperation. A high degree of expectation was expressed from the municipal government side for the service and tourism industries.