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JETRO renews MOU with Guangdong Provincial Government

October 2013

On October 21, 2013, JETRO and the Guangdong Provincial Government renewed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperative activities, which was signed by Executive Vice President Miyako Hamano of JETRO and Vice-Governor Zhao Yufang of Guangdong Province.

In December 2010, JETRO conducted the first renewal of the MOU concluded with Guangdong Province in November 2009 to strengthen the partnership between Japan and the province toward further expansion of trade and for attracting direct investment.

By renewing this MOU, JETRO will strengthen its support so as to expand economic partnership between Japan and the province.

The parties agreed to:

  • Co-organize regular dialogues between the Guangdong Provincial Government and Japanese companies
  • Promote two-way investment
  • Encourage cooperation in the environment and energy-saving sectors
  • Bolster partnership in the service industry (e.g. retail, distribution, logistics, restaurants, nursing care and medical care)
  • Promote collaboration in the field of intellectual property rights protection