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JETRO concludes MOC with Iraqi Ministry of Trade

October 2013

On October 11, 2013, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the Ministry of Trade (MOT) of the Republic of Iraq concluded a memorandum of cooperation (MOC) to strengthen their partnership aiming at facilitating trade and investment between Japan and Iraq.

The MOC was exchanged in the presence of Iraqi Minister of Trade Khairallah Hassan Babiker, Japanese Ambassador to Iraq Masato Takaoka and JETRO Chairman and CEO Hiroyuki Ishige during the period of the 40th Bagdad International Fair (October 10 to 20).

In response to the growing importance of Iraq, JETRO and the MOT will utilize the MOC to promote further partnership between the two countries in areas such as business talk events, seminars, missions, surveys and analysis, information provision and dialogues.

The parties agreed to:

  1. Cooperate in convening business talks, seminars and missions
  2. Provide publications to each other and share information
  3. Inform each other of specific business projects (trade and investment)
  4. Hold regular meetings
  5. Promote business by making presentations at the Bagdad International Fair