Our Vision, Mission, Values

Connecting with the world.
Together, we move forward.


A prosperous and peaceful world
achieved through connectedness.


Laying the foundations for business
in exciting new fields
together with people, companies, and countries.


Purpose and Passion :
We work with purpose and passion, enjoying every step along the way.
Hands-on Approach :
We pursue a hands-on approach to learning and growth and take proactive steps to turn ideas into reality.
Client Focus :
We create new value together with our clients.
Forward Thinking :
We are open-minded, and always looking one step ahead.
Pursuit of Knowledge :
We cultivate new knowledge with curiosity.
Diversity :
We value diversity and inherently respect one another.

Our Message

JETRO was born in Osaka as a private entity in the 1950s,
soon after the Second World War.

“What Japan needs is to conduct business in the global arena.
For this, global market information is essential.”

With these thoughts in mind, a group of businesspeople decided
to send representatives to various countries
and share what they learned together.

Through the cooperation of companies, local governments and central
governments that echoed this sentiment, our role expanded
and we were established as a national organization.

Even after this long journey, we remain committed to our mission:

  • To analyze and deliver the latest information from overseas to the Japanese business community
  • To pursue knowledge and make it a shared asset
  • To explore exciting new fields and accelerate global business

These have evolved with the passage of time
and are still being passed down as enthusiastically as ever.

Times and needs will continue to change,
but we will always hold dear these founding ideas
for the sustainable development of Japan and the world.

Bringing Japan to the world, the world to Japan.

We are committed to connecting people, companies, and countries
to achieve a prosperous and peaceful world. We will continue working together
to keep moving forward towards that goal.