Activities : Assisting business expansion of developing countriesJETRO Zone in FOODEX (1997 - present)

TICAD Follow-up Activities


Through support for exhibits at FOODEX JAPAN,* JETRO is providing companies in emerging nations with opportunities to enter the Japanese market, and each country's food industry obtains our promotional support.

In addition, following TICAD IV in 2008, JETRO has placed particular focuson supporting businesses in each African country.

* Asia's largest food and drink trade show. Held every year in March at Makuhari Messe.


Participation by African countries

Support for participation by African companies. * ( ) refers to the number of companies

Year Countries participating in JETRO zone
*only African exhibitors(excerpt)
Numbers of African exhibitors Total of JETRO zone
FOODEX JAPAN 2019 Botswana(2), Cote d I'voire(2), Ethiopia(2), Ghana(2), Madagascar(4), mozambique(1), Nigeria(2), Lesotho(1), Sudan(2), Zambia(1) 19 companies
/10 countries
/28 countries
FOODEX JAPAN 2018 Comoros(1), Cote d I'voire(3), Ethiopia(2), Ghana(3), Guinea(1), Kenya(1), Madagascar(5), Mauritius(1), Lesotho(2), Nigeria(3), Sudan(1), Zimbabwe(3) 26 companies
/12 countries
43 companies
/23 countries
FOODEX JAPAN 2017 Comoros(1), Cote d'Ivoire(2), Ghana(2), Lesotho(1), Madagascar(1), Mauritius(4), Sudan(3), Zimbabwe(4) 18 companies
/8 countries
35 companies
/21 countries
FOODEX JAPAN 2016 Cameroon (1), Comoros(1), Cote d'lvoire (3), Ghana(3), Lesotho(1), Malawi (1), Mauritius (3), Nigeria(1), Senegal (1), Sudan (4), Swaziland (1), Zimbabwe (4) 24companies
FOODEX JAPAN 2015 Benin(1), Cameroon(2), Cote d'lvoire(3), Madagascar(1), Mauritius(3), Senegal(2), Sudan(5), Swaziland(1), Tanzania(2), Zambia (1), Zimbabwe(2) 23companies
FOODEX JAPAN 2014 Cameroon(1), Cote d'lvoire(4), Kenya(1), Madagascar(1), Mauritius(3), Nigeria(5), Senegal(2), Tanzania(2),Uganda(2), 21companies
FOODEX JAPAN 2013 Burkina Faso(4), Egypt(1), Kenya(1), Mauritius(3), Namibia(1), Nigeria(4), South Africa(3), Sudan(3), Tanzania(2), Uganda(1), 23companies
FOODEX JAPAN 2012 Burkina Faso(8), Ethiopia(1), Ghana(2), Mauritius(1), Nigeria(3), South Africa(4), Uganda(2), 21companies
FOODEX JAPAN 2011 Burkina Faso(3), Cameroon(3), Ethiopia(1), Ghana(2), Kenya(1), Madagascar(2), Mauritius(9), Senegal(1), South Africa(5), Uganda(2), 29companies
FOODEX JAPAN 2010 Ethiopia(2), Kenya(1), Madagascar(1),Mauritius(9), Nigeria(1), Senegal(2), South Africa(8), 24companies
FOODEX JAPAN 2009 Madagascar(1), Uganda(2), 3companies

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