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Activities JETRO Membership: providing support and information on overseas business

JETRO Membership is a package of information and services designed to suit the needs of those engaged in international business. The program, which started in 1958, the year JETRO was originally established, now has a wide variety of members, including prominent Japanese companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and economic/industrial organizations.

Any company, organization or individual basically located in Japan may register for JETRO Membership, for an annual fee of 75,600 yen.

Members can enjoy free subscriptions to JETRO Business News (an e-mail newspaper), AREA REPORTS (onlline reports) and the annual JETRO Global Trade and Investment Report. These publications, available only in Japanese, offer a wealth of information gathered through JETRO's network of offices in Japan and abroad.

Members traveling overseas on business trips can get briefings on the economic situation of the country at JETRO's overseas offices free of charge.

Members also receive special discounts on participation fees for JETRO-organized seminars, exhibitions, business missions, as well as items in the JETRO Bookshop.

*Special Note: JETRO is in no way liable or responsible for any transactions or business dealings conducted by JETRO Members.

  • For more information, please visit JETRO Members (in Japanese only)