Activities Contributing to the Activities and Trade Policies of Japanese Companies Through Surveys and Research

JETRO conducts research and analysis by using its numerous strengths. These strengths come from various sources. They include our domestic and overseas bases; surveys of personnel with abundant knowledge of regions and industries; networks of local governments, companies, research institutes, and international organizations; and the accumulated studies of JETRO’s Institute of Developing Economies (IDE-JETRO). We share the latest overseas business information widely with Japanese companies. We also contribute to improving the business environments and trade policies for Japanese companies through proactive policy advocacy aimed at domestic and foreign governments.

Research activities contributing to the overseas businesses of Japanese companies

JETRO carefully analyzes international business-related trends to deeply understand them and the conditions concerning Japanese companies. We do this by utilizing our neutral position as a public institution as well as our domestic and overseas networks. We also provide information on events that have a significant impact on the global economy and Japanese companies, as well as the “political economy,” trade, and investment trends in each country and region.

Institute of Developing Economies

  • Furthering research on emerging countries and contributing to government policies
  • Intellectual contributions through expanded research networks and research results
  • Dissemination of survey and research results and contribution to capacity building

Participation of world-renowned researchers at a conference hosted by IDE-JETRO