ActivitiesSupporting Exports of Japanese Agricultural, Forestry, and Fishery Products and Food

JETRO fully uses domestic and international networks to contribute to government goals of “one-trillion yen in exports of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and food in 2019” and the stimulus of government-promoted local regions. Together with the Japan Food Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO), which was established in 2017, we are galvanizing an “all-Japan” effort to expand these exports in close cooperation with relevant export groups and ministries.

One-stop information provision through export-consultation desks throughout the country

JETRO collects information on export-destination markets and systems, such as for local import restrictions and quarantines by country and product. We inform Japanese suppliers through export consultation desks at JETRO offices in Japan, on our website, and in numerous seminars.

Offering opportunities to build distribution channels with foreign companies and individualized support for exports

JETRO assists Japanese companies in building smooth distribution flows with foreign companies by holding international trade fairs and business-matching events both in Japan and overseas. Moreover, our experts provide business-matching opportunities between suppliers and trading companies, useful information through inquiries received from overseas buyers, and individual support to companies.

US buyers talking with a “wagyu” beef producer on his farm in Japan

JAPAN PAVILION organized by JETRO at an international food exhibition in Germany

JAPAN PAVILION arranged by JETRO at an international food exhibition in Hong Kong

Promoting overseas brand-building for Japanese agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and food

JFOODO formulates promotion strategies by defining promising items, targeting countries and regions, and carrying out comprehensive advertising, PR, and other forms of sales promotion with Japanese suppliers. This contributes to the creation of new markets and enhanced brand awareness of these Japanese products.

Advertisement for Japanese fishery products at a subway station in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year

Recommending tasty combinations, such as sake with raw oysters, to overseas consumers

Other Programs and Services

  • Providing information overseas on the attractiveness and value of Japanese agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and food
  • Export support for local products through promotion in cooperation with production areas and regions
  • Facilitating networking between suppliers and trading companies on exports

Promotional event featuring Japanese food in Bangkok