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Success Stories

"Success Stories" are based on interviews conducted with foreign companies that have successfully come into the Japanese market. The series introduces the companies' experiences entering the Japanese market, their future business plans, and the merits of doing business in Japan.

EPAM Systems Japan GK

EPAM Systems Inc., a product development, digital platform engineering, and digital and product design agency, established its Japanese location in Tokyo in June 2018. EPAM is a global company with over 30,000 employees in 26 countries and regions across North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. We interviewed Hiroshi Takahashi (Country Head, Japan) about opportunities in Japan, one of the world’s largest IT markets.


JETRO Denotes firm made use of JETRO support and/or services to set up their business/affiliate in Japan.

Industry Company Country/Region Destination Update s_area s_region s_date
ICT EPAM Systems Japan GK JETRO US Tokyo 2019.12 Kanto North America 2019.12
Biotechnology / Life science Amicus Therapeutics K.K. JETRO US Tokyo 2019.12 Kanto North America 2019.12
Service / Others UL Japan, Inc. JETRO US Mie, Kyoto, Aichi, Kanagawa, Tokyo, Chiba 2019.09 Kanto Chubu Kansai North America 2019.09
ICT Wipro Japan K.K. JETRO India Kanagawa 2019.07 Kanto Asia 2019.07
Tourism Air Seoul JETRO Korea Tokyo 2019.06 Kanto Asia 2019.06
Other Manufacturing
3DNest Inc. JETRO China Ibaraki 2019.04 Kanto Asia 2019.04
Other Manufacturing Robotis Japan JETRO Korea Tokyo 2019.03 Kanto Asia 2019.03
Biotechnology / Life science Elekta KK JETRO Sweden Tokyo 2019.02 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2019.02
Other Manufacturing
Skymind Inc. JETRO US Tokyo 2018.11 Kanto North America 2018.11
Biotechnology / Life science Philips Japan, Ltd. JETRO Netherlands Tokyo 2018.11 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2018.11
Other Manufacturing Pangolin Robot Japan Co., Ltd. JETRO China Tokyo 2018.11 Kanto Asia 2018.11
Tourism Ctrip Group Japan JETRO China Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Naha 2018.10 Hokkaido/Tohoku Kanto Chubu Kyusyu/Okinawa Asia 2018.10
Finance / Insurance China UnionPay Merchant Services Co., Ltd.JETRO China Tokyo 2018.10 Kanto Asia 2018.10
Service / Others Golface KK Taiwan Fukuoka 2018.09 Kyusyu/Okinawa Asia 2018.09
Automotive Preh Car Connect Japan CorporationJETRO Germany Tokyo 2018.09 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2018.09
ICT Tata Consultancy Services Japan, Ltd. JETRO India Tokyo 2018.08 Kanto Asia 2018.08
Other Manufacturing Teradyne K.K. JETRO US Kanagawa, Aichi, Kumamoto 2018.08 Kanto Chubu Kyusyu/Okinawa North America 2018.08
Other Manufacturing
MER MEC JAPAN GK JETRO Italy Tokyo 2018.07 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2018.07
Other Manufacturing swissQprint Japan KK JETRO Switzerland Kanagawa 2018.06 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2018.06
ICT NTQ Japan JETRO Vietnam Kanagawa 2018.05 Kanto Asia 2018.05
Biotechnology / Life science GE Healthcare Japan Corporation JETRO US Tokyo 2018.05 Kanto North America 2018.05
Service / Others Plug and Play Japan KK JETRO US Tokyo 2018.04 Kanto North America 2018.04
ICT NextDrive KK JETRO Taiwan Tokyo 2018.03 Kanto Asia 2018.03
Other Manufacturing
Beckhoff Automation K.K. JETRO Germany Tokyo / Aichi 2018.01 Kanto Chubu Europe/Russia CIS 2018.01
Service / Others Asurion Japan Holdings G.K. JETRO US Tokyo 2018.01 Kanto North America 2018.01
Other Manufacturing Stratasys Japan Co., Ltd. JETRO US Tokyo 2017.12 Kanto North America 2017.12
PVMSys Infra Solutions Inc. JETRO India Ibaraki 2017.12 Kanto Asia 2017.12
Service / Others Cactus Communications KK JETRO India Tokyo 2017.12 Kanto Asia 2017.12
ICT CENIT Japan KK JETRO Germany Tokyo 2017.11 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2017.11
Biotechnology / Life science Sun Pharma Japan Limited India Tokyo 2017.11 Kanto Asia 2017.11
ICT Analog Devices K.K. JETRO US Tokyo 2017.10 Kanto North America 2017.10
Other Manufacturing Genesis Systems Group Japan KK JETRO US Aichi 2017.10 Chubu North America 2017.10
Biotechnology / Life science Agilis GTRI Japan Inc. JETRO US Kanagawa 2017.09 Kanto North America 2017.09
ICT Space-Time Engineering Japan, Inc. JETRO US Tokyo / Tokushima 2017.08 Kanto Chugoku/Shikoku North America 2017.08
Other Manufacturing
AKA LLC JETRO US Tokyo 2017.07 Kanto North America 2017.06
Service / Others
LOOP Japan K.K. JETRO Canada Tokyo 2017.07 Kanto North America 2017.07
Automotive Hinduja Tech Limited Japan Branch JETRO India Kanagawa 2017.06 Kanto Asia 2017.06
Retail Søstrene Grene JETRO Denmark Tokyo 2017.05 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2017.05
Biotechnology / Life science AEGERION PHARMACEUTICALS K.K. JETRO US Tokyo 2017.05 Kanto North America 2017.05
ICT Tinhvan Outsourcing Japan LLC JETRO Vietnam Tokyo 2017.03 Kanto Asia 2017.03
Retail Vipshop Japan Co., Ltd. JETRO China Tokyo 2017.03 Kanto Asia 2017.03
Other Manufacturing Prismadd Japan Co., Ltd. France Aichi 2016.12 Chubu Europe/Russia CIS 2016.12
Retail Dandelion Chocolate Japan JETRO US Tokyo 2016.12 Kanto North America 2016.12
Environment / Energy Energy Pool Japan, KK JETRO France Tokyo 2016.12 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2016.12
Other Manufacturing Caterpillar Japan Ltd. JETRO US Hyogo 2016.12 Kansai North America 2016.12
Service / Others Global Tax Free Co., Ltd. JETRO Korea Tokyo / Fukuoka 2016.10 Kanto Kyusyu/Okinawa Asia 2016.10
ICT Rocket Software Japan Ltd. JETRO US Kanagawa 2016.10 Kanto North America 2016.10
Automotive Tenneco Japan Ltd. JETRO US Kanagawa 2016.10 Kanto North America 2016.10
Tourism Koraku Japan Corporation JETRO China Tokyo 2016.09 Kanto Asia 2016.09
Other Manufacturing Nippon Aerosil Co., Ltd. Germany Mie 2016.06 Chubu Europe/Russia CIS 2016.06
Other Manufacturing M-Industry Japan Inc. JETRO Swiss Tokyo 2016.05 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2016.05
Tourism Swissotel Nankai Osaka K.K. Swiss Osaka 2016.05 Kansai Europe/Russia CIS 2016.05
Automotive Faurecia Japan KK JETRO France Kanagawa 2016.05 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2016.05
Biotechnology / Life science Pierre Fabre Dermo-cosmétique Japon Co., Ltd. JETRO France Tokyo 2016.03 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2016.03
Service / Others SF Express Co., Ltd. JETRO China Tokyo 2016.03 Kanto Asia 2016.03
Tourism T'way Air Co., Ltd. Fukuoka Branch office Korea Fukuoka 2016.02 Kyusyu/Okinawa Asia 2016.02
Other Manufacturing Dukane CorporationPDF file(364KB) JETRO US Chiba 2016.01 Kanto North America 2016.01
Tourism TripAdvisor K.K. US Tokyo 2016.01 Kanto North America 2016.01
Finance / Insurance Travelex Japan KK UK Tokyo 2015.12 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2016.01
Other Manufacturing DSM Japan Engineering Plastics KKJETRO Netherlands Tokyo / Kanagawa 2015.12 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2015.11
Biotechnology / Life science Johnson & Johnson K.K.JETRO US Tokyo 2015.11 Kanto North America 2015.11
Other Manufacturing Dow Chemical Japan Limited US Tokyo 2015.10 Kanto North America 2015.10
Service / Others Marcura Japan KKJETRO UAE Tokyo 2015.09 Kanto Middle East/Africa 2015.09
Consulting Advisory Research Inc. (ARI)PDF file(302KB) JETRO US Tokyo 2015.08 Kanto North America 2015.08
Service / Others / Tourism HRS-Hotel Reservation Service Co., Ltd.JETRO Germany Tokyo 2015.08 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2015.08
Tourism CTRIP JAPANJETRO China Tokyo 2015.08 Kanto Asia 2015.08
Service / Others Ticketbis, SLJETRO Spain Tokyo 2015.07 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2015.07
Automotive ZF Japan Co., Ltd. Germany Tokyo 2015.06 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2015.06
ICT ACE Japan KKJETRO Myanmar Tokyo 2015.04 Kanto Asia 2015.04
Automotive Schaeffler Japan Co., Ltd. Germany Kanagawa 2015.02 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2015.02
Automotive Valeo Japan Co., Ltd.  France Tokyo 2015.01 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2015.01
Retail IKEA Japan KKJETRO Sweden Tokyo 2015.01 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2015.01
Biotechnology / Life science Merck Ltd.PDF file(240KB) Germany Tokyo 2014.12 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2014.12
Tourism Delta Air Lines, Inc.PDF file(200KB) US Tokyo 2014.12 Kanto North America 2014.12
Other Manufacturing Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, LimitedPDF file(371KB) US Tokyo 2014.11 Kanto North America 2014.11
Other Manufacturing Schneider Electric Japan Inc.PDF file(251KB) France Tokyo 2014.11 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2014.11
Finance / Insurance AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd.PDF file(203KB) France Tokyo 2014.11 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2014.11
Environment / Energy Ciel Terre Japan, KKPDF file(264KB) JETRO France Tokyo 2014.09 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2014.09
Tourism Juneyao Airlines Co., Ltd.PDF file(268KB) JETRO China Okinawa/Osaka 2014.09 Kyusyu/Okinawa/Kansai Asia 2014.09
Retail Guess JapanPDF file Guess Japan (170KB) JETRO US Tokyo 2014.08 kanto North America 2014.08
Biotechnology / Life science ShirePDF file(1.8MB)JETRO US Tokyo 2013.09 kanto North America 2013.09
Retail Tommy BahamaPDF file(170KB) JETRO US Tokyo 2013.08 Kanto North America 2013.08
Consulting ReachLocalPDF file(2.3MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2013.03 Kanto North America 2013.03
ICT NeoPhotonicsPDF file(2.0MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2013.02 Kanto North America 2013.02
Tourism Japan Spring Travel Services, Ltd.PDF file(245KB) JETRO China Tokyo 2013.02 Kanto Asia 2013.02
Retail Zebra JapanPDF file(263KB) JETRO Denmark Tokyo 2013.01 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2013.01
Environment / Energy juwi Shizen Energy Inc.PDF file(236KB) JETRO Germany Tokyo 2013.01 Kanto Europe/Russia CIS 2013.01
Other Manufacturing Dyaco JapanPDF file(315KB) JETRO Taiwan Tokyo 2013.01 Kanto Asia 2013.01
Other Manufacturing Seasonic JapanPDF file(286KB)JETRO Taiwan Tokyo 2012.10 Kanto Asia 2012.10
ICT Infosys LimitedPDF file(275KB)JETRO India Tokyo 2012.09 Kanto Asia 2012.09
Retail Vera Bradley, Inc.PDF file(1.9MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2012.05 Kanto North America 2012.05
Biotechnology / Life science CoreLab PartnersPDF file(1.3MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2012.03 Kanto North America 2012.03
ICT LitePoint Japan K.K.PDF file(2.0MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2012.03 Kanto North America 2012.03
Other Manufacturing Earthquake Protection Systems JapanPDF file(1.5MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2012.03 Kanto North America 2012.03
Service / Others GOLFZON Japan Co., Ltd.PDF file(165KB)JETRO Korea Tokyo 2012.03 Kanto Asia 2012.03
Service / Others VidyoPDF file(1.7MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2012.01 Kanto North America 2012.01
Other Manufacturing Scuderi GroupPDF file(1.5MB) JETRO US Aichi 2011.10 Chubu North America 2011.10
Consulting IMS ResearchPDF file(1.5MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2011.10 Kanto North America 2011.10
Environment / Energy MolycorpPDF file(1.5MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2011.10 Kanto North America 2011.10
Biotechnology / Life science BBK WorldwidePDF file(1.3MB) JETRO US Osaka 2011.08 Kansai North America 2011.08
Other Manufacturing Entropic CommunicationsPDF file(1.2MB) JETRO US Kanagawa 2011.05 Kanto North America 2011.05
Other Manufacturing Magnate Technology Co., Ltd.PDF file(170KB)JETRO Taiwan Aichi 2011.03 Chubu Asia 2011.03
Tourism AirAsia XPDF file(313KB)JETRO Malaysia Tokyo 2011.03 Kanto Asia 2011.03
Biotechnology / Life science LuminexPDF file(2.3MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2010.11 Kanto North America 2010.11
Tourism Osbert Hotels Ltd.PDF fileJETRO Hong Kong Miyagi 2010.10 Hokkaido/Tohoku Asia 2010.10
Consulting Carmichael Fisher International Pty LimitedPDF file(262KB)JETRO Australia Tokyo 2010.08 Kanto Oceania 2010.08
Tourism Air Busan Co., Ltd.PDF file JETRO Korea Fukuoka/Osaka 2010.08 Kyusyu/Okinawa/Kansai Asia 2010.08
ICT IPSTAR Co., Ltd.PDF file(181KB) JETRO Thailand Saitama 2010.03 Kanto Asia 2010.03
Tourism DBS Cruise Ferry Japan Co., LtdPDF file(230KB)JETRO Korea Tottori 2010.03 Chugoku/Shikoku Asia 2010.03
Retail Ornafish Japan Co., Ltd.PDF file(192KB)JETRO Netherlands Niigata 2010.03 Chubu Europe/Russia CIS 2010.03
Consulting Osha Liang LLPPDF file(1.5MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2009.12 Kanto North America 2009.12
Tourism Nihon Harmony Resorts KKPDF file(176KB)JETRO Hong Kong Hakkaido 2009.11 Hokkaido/Tohoku Asia 2009.11
ICT INSTAR ITS Japan, Inc.PDF file(90KB)JETRO Czech Republic Hyogo 2009.10 Kansai Europe/Russia CIS 2009.10
Manufacturing (Others) VeriSilicon, Inc.PDF file(1.2MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2009.10 Kanto North America 2009.10
Other Manufacturing HAWE Daido Hydraulics Co., Ltd.PDF file(131KB)JETRO Germany Aichi 2009.10 Chubu Europe/Russia CIS 2009.10
Retail Japan Palm International Co., LtdPDF file(77KB)JETRO China Fukuoka 2009.10 Kyusyu/Okinawa Asia 2009.10
Biotechnology / Life science Acucela Inc.PDF file(1.3MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2009.08 Kanto North America 2009.08
ICT Coverity Inc.PDF file(895KB) JETRO US Tokyo/Osaka 2009.07 Kanto/Kansai North America 2009.07
Biotechnology / Life science KK LabcytePDF file(1989KB) JETRO US Tokyo 2009.06 Kanto North America 2009.06
Biotechnology / Life science ARI Japan CorporationPDF file(85KB) JETRO US Tokyo 2009.03 Kanto North America 2009.03
Consulting ZS AssociatesPDF file(1.1MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2009.01 Kanto North America 2009.01
Tourism TravelzooPDF file(1.1MB) JETRO US Tokyo 2008.10 Kanto North America 2008.10
Consulting ElanexPDF file(1.1MB) JETRO US Tokyo/Fukuoka 2008.08 Kanto,Kyusyu/Okinawa North America 2008.08
Service / Others KBS Japan KKPDF file(87KB)JETRO Korea Tokyo 2006.10 Kanto Asia 2006.10

CEO Voices in Japan

Some of the interview videos can be viewed on the "CEO Voices in Japan" section of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry website.