How to Set Up Business in Japan Laws & Regulations on Setting Up Business in Japan

Incorporating Your Business, Visas and Status of Residence, Taxes in Japan, Human Resource Management, Trademark and Design Protection Systems

Section 1. Incorporating Your Business

Section 2. Visas and Status of Residence

Section 3. Taxes in Japan

Section 4. Human Resource Management

Section 5. Trademark and Design Protection Systems

Writer :
SECTION 1. Sakiko AKIYAMA, Judicial Scrivener, Blakemore & Mitsuki
SECTION 2. Tomohide KOH, Administrative Scrivener, LEGAL OFFICE COSMOPOLITAN
SECTION 3. Jun NAGAMINE, Certified Public Accountant, Nagamine Mishima Accounting Office
SECTION 4. Satoshi NAGAURA, Social Insurance and Labor Consultant, Nagaura Personnel Management Office
SECTION 5. Tetsuo TACHIBANA, Patent Attorney, Tachibana International Patent Office

Editor/Publisher :
Invest Japan Department, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

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