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Investing in Japan

Investing in Japan
Regional Information

Yokohama city

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Yokohama City Concierge

Business Development Division, Economic Affairs Bureau, City of Yokohama

1-1, Minato-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0017
TEL: +81-45-671-3834   FAX: +81-45-664-4867

Yokohama city

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Basic Information

Population*1 3.69 million
Labor force*1 1.8 million
Area*2 437 km²
GDP*3 Please inquire to your local government for the detailed information about city GDP.
Major industries Service, real estate, wholesaling/retailing, manufacturing, transportation and telecommunications
Offices overseas

Frankfurt, Germany / Shanghai, China (Operated by Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation (IDEC)) / Mumbai, India (outsourcing)

JETRO office

JETRO Yokohama

Regional Profile

Strength of the region's industries and economy

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan with its population of about 3.7 million.
In addition to having one of the nation's busiest international trade ports, Yokohama has a very convenient transport network of railways and roadways and excellent access to Haneda Airport. The verdant living environment, skilled personnel, and the expansive Greater Tokyo market provide the urban conditions needed by business. Yokohama is also a popular tourist destination and convention site where many people from Japan and overseas visit and interact.
The city offers some of the most attractive incentives in Japan and a full menu of support to attract companies. Throgh various activities, the city is building up a concentration of operational functions and cutting-edge technology companies well-matched to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.


Foreign company(s) operating in the industry

181 foreign companies have set up their head offices in Yokohama (source: Comprehensive List of Foreign Companies 2013, Toyo Keizai Inc.), second only to Tokyo nationwide.

Multiple locations such as Yokohama World Business Suport Center (WBC) and German Industry Park (GIP) have been set up in the city specifically to facilitate concentration of foreign companies, and these locations help foreign companies lower their location costs when moving into Japan and facilitate their entry into the Japanese market. Furthermore, the city offers incentives such as rent subsidies, etc.

Company name Mueller Japan, Inc
Industry sector Sales of healthcare items
Date of entry December 2007

From the start, we considered Yokohama as one of the major candidate cities for the location of our office because the city not only has excellent access to international airports and Shinkansen bullet train but also has cheaper commodity prices, more abundant nature and better living environment in comparison with Tokyo. However, it was the concerted support provided by the City of Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, and JETRO that made us decide to set up the office in the city. We are extremely grateful for their speedy responses, friendly and enthusiastic advice and start-up offices that enabled us to set up the office in half the time we had originally planned.

Available incentives

Provision of support for SMEs, entrepreneurs,
and venture companies expanding into Yokohama with various measures including tax reduction measures and subsidy for large-scale business location (acquisition of fixed assets such as land and buildings) and subsidies for leasing office buildings and location of factories

Incentive name

Business Location Incentives for Specially Designated Areas

Incentive type Subsidies
Incentive target industries

Please inquire for details

Incentives overview

Eligibility: Purchase of land and/or construction of building for offices, factories, research centers, in specific areas.
Financial support: Tax reduction (5 years) and subsidy (up to 3 billion yen)

Incentive name

Business Location Incentives for Specially Designated Areas (for HQ function, R&D center)

Incentive type Subsidies
Incentives overview

Eligibility: Lease of offices (headquarters) or research center in specific areas.
Financial support: Subsidy (up to 400 million yen), Grant money for hiring citizens

Incentive name

Targeted Industry Program

Incentive type Subsidies
Incentive target industries

Medical & Healthcare, Environment & Energy, IT, etc.

Incentives overview

Eligibility: Lease of offices in the city
Financial support: Subsidy (up to 20 million yen)

Incentive name

Subsidies for Foreign Investment Promotion

Incentive type Subsidies
Incentive target industries

Medical & Healthcare, Environment & Energy, IT, Professional Services, etc.

Incentives overview

Eligibility: Lease of offices in the city
Financial support: Subsidy (up to 1.5 million yen)

Services for investment in Japan

Providing market information Advice on market participation, Consulting by external experts and advisers
Support for finding customers Listing of potential customers and partners, Listing of potential customers and partners
Support for establishing a base Providing incubation facilities or other facilities, Providing incubation facilities or other facilities, Providing information on procedures for investing in Japan, Arranging the meetings needed to establish a base (real estate, manpower services), Introduction of available properties and advice on hiring personnel, Providing information on permits and licensing procedures, Providing information on subsidy programs

The city has start-up offices and incubation offices available to foreign companies until they set up their own offices.
<Start-up offices>
Name: IBSC Kanagawa (in the JETRO Yokohama Trade Information Center)
Space: approximately 20m²(3 offices)
Tenancy period: 50 business days

<Incubation offices>
Name: Yokohama World Business Support Center (WBC) Incubation Office
Space: 6 - 33m² (22 offices)
Tenancy period: up to 3 years

Both of these facilities offer full support for start-ups by foreign companies, including consultations on launching businesses in Yokohama and the provision of business information.

WBC incubation office

Support service

Database of candidate partners

  • Excellent Companies in Yokohama

    It aims at introducing the information on the small and medium-sized companies in the city, which are interested in the global business.

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