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Yamagata, boasting international-level state-of-the-art biotechnology and organic electronics technologies

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8-1 Matsunami, Yamagata city
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The information below is as of November 2017.

Living environment

Yamagata Prefecture is blessed with abundant nature that elegantly changes its face along with the changes of the seasons. Some of the most popular spots include the renowned mountain peaks of Mount Zao, Mount Chokai, Mount Nishiazuma, and the Three Mountains of Dewa, as well as mountain temples and the great Mogami River made famous by Matsuo Basho in his haiku poems. Yamagata is the only prefecture in Japan in which each municipality is blessed with hot springs. It is famous for rice and soba (buckwheat), and Yamagata boasts the highest production volume of cherries and pears in Japan. The bountiful nature, delicious and safe foods, and the high quality of the living environment make Yamagata Prefecture an attractive and relaxed place to live and work.

International schools

There are no international schools in Yamagata Prefecture, so students of foreign nationality attend the same schools as Japanese students.

Health services catering to foreigners

The Yamagata Prefecture Medical Institution Information Network, which is run and managed by Yamagata Prefecture, provides information on medical institutions where services are available in English, Chinese, Korean (Hangul), and other languages.