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Yamagata, boasting international-level state-of-the-art biotechnology and organic electronics technologies

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The information below is as of November 2017.

Yamagata Prefecture is in the Tohoku region on the northwest side of the main island of Honshu along the Sea of Japan. It is approximately two hours by Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo and approximately four hours by expressway. Also, Yamagata has two airports - Yamagata Airport and Shonai Airport - which allow easy access to Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Furthermore, work is underway to lengthen the Tohoku-Chou Expressway and Nihonkaiengan Tohoku Expressway which, when completed, is expected to further increase the convenience of the region.


Yamagata Prefecture is bisected by the Yamagata Expressway which runs from the Shonai region by the Sea of Japan through its interior. It connects with the Tohoku Expressway, a major transportation artery for eastern Japan which connects Yamagata with Tokyo in approximately four hours. Also, the Tohoku-Chuo Expressway runs through the prefecture from north to south and is being extended further through construction work. It is expected to increase convenience for the region when it is completed. (It will start services between Fukushima and Yonezawa in FY2017 and between Yamagata Kaminoyama and Nanyotakahata in FY2018.)


There are two airports in Yamagata Prefecture: Yamagata Airport and Shonai Airport, providing smooth accessibility to Tokyo (about a one-hour flight), Nagoya (about a 70-minute flight), and Osaka (about a 80-minute flight).


From Sakata Port, designated as a “Major Port,” three scheduled container shipping services operate on routes weekly, including two to Busan in South Korea and one to the Shanghai-Ningbo route via Busan between China and South Korea. Sakata Port is expected to increase operations as a gateway to the growing markets of East Asia and Russia. In addition, a container yard in Sakata Port was expanded to meet the increase in the volume of shipped cargo, allowing the port to deal with approximately 100,000 pieces of cargo per year in 20-foot equivalent units.


The Yamagata Shinkansen (bullet train) runs from north to south through the prefecture, with the express shinkansen going between Yamagata and Tokyo in two hours and thirty minutes and between Yonezawa and Tokyo in two hours.