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Tottori, aiming to gather three growing industry areas, automobile, aircraft, and medical equipment

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Tottori Prefectural Government Department of Commerce,Industry and Labor Industrial Location Strategy DivisionExternal site: a new window will open.

1-220 Higashimachi, Tottori-city, Tottori Prefecture 680-8570
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The information below is as of November 2017.

Automobile, Aircraft, Medical devices

(Related sectors: Automobile and Transport Equipment, Aircraft, Life Science)

Attractive features

Tottori Prefecture focuses on the areas of automobile, aircraft and medical devices as the three growing areas leading the regional economy in the future. Centering around the electromechanical industry, including electronic components/devices, that has accumulated within the prefecture, the prefecture is strategically attracting companies by utilizing technologies and services developed so far. Tottori can also provide ample numbers of skilled personnel.

Principal Japanese companies in the industry
  • IMAI AERO-Equipment MFG. CO. LTD
  • MICOTO Technology Inc.
Major education/research institutes of the industry

As a project to develop human resources for regional creation, the prefecture trains job seekers in the growing three areas through the development of global all-around workers, and collaboration with polytechnic centers and the Polytechnic University.
In addition, programs are implemented by the following organizations and educational institutions, in cooperation with relevant companies in the prefecture:

  • Tottori Industrial Promotion Organization
  • Tottori Institute of Industrial Technology
  • Tottori University
  • Yonago National College of Technology
  • Industrial high schools throughout the prefecture
Major industry cluster plans, special zones and industry-government-academia collaboration of the industry

○Tottori Industrial Promotion Organization launched “Tottori Prefecture Automobile Parts Study Group.” The Organization holds various study sessions including seminars inviting automobile manufacturers, and benchmarking meetings, to support companies within the prefecture.
○ Through collaboration with Tottori University Hospital and other institutions, the prefecture supports the development of medical devices capitalizing on the high-level manufacturing technology of companies in the prefecture, and promotes entrance into the growing medical device industry.