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Regional Information Tokyo

Tokyo, the city that leads businesses to success

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The information below is as of November 2017. (Basic Information: September 2018)

Basic Information

Population *1 13.51 million
Labor force *1 5.85 million
Area (square kilometer) *2 2,193.96
GDP *3 104,339,162 million yen
Major industries Transport and communication industries; wholesalers; eating and drinking establishments; retail, financial, and insurance industries; publishing and printing industries; electronic device manufacturing industries
Wage *4
Initial wage for university graduates(Average)
Initial wage for upper secondery school graduates (Average)
Scheduled cash eanings (Average)
Land price(for 1square meter) *5
Land price for industrial use (Average)
Land Price for Commercial Use (Average)
Number of Establishments *6 728,710
Number of Employees *6 9,657,306
Offices overseas

London, Paris, San Francisco

JETRO office


Regional Profile

Strength of the region's industries and economy

Tokyo, the national capital, contains a variety of industries, with an especially large concentration of corporate headquarters, creating a hive of economic activity. While the city constantly gives rise to new fashions and cultural phenomena. With many famous sites and historical landmarks still remaining, Tokyo presents an innovative face with a lingering patina of tradition. Business establishments in Tokyo, 99% of them small and medium businesses. These small and medium companies boast sophisticated technology and high levels of productivity and are major contributors to Tokyo's growth and continued vitality. In addition, Tokyo has a wide variety of resources such as well-established networks linking educational institutions and companies.

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Industrial cluster, project: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute External site: a new window will open.

Foreign company(s) operating in the industry

International business hub Tokyo is where approximately 75% of foreign companies are located and foreign companies of various industries are gathered.
Tokyo is implementing projects to attract foreign companies into the Asia Headquarters Special Zone (International Strategic Zone). It aims to form a cluster of high-value-added bases for companies with advanced technologies including IoT and AI (business integration base and R&D base in Asia) and a base for foreign financial companies engaged in asset management and Fintech business in Japan.
* Please refer here for the past record of attracting companies.

Available incentives

Tokyo has various incentives including subsidies for foreign financial companies, a preferential tax system utilizing the special zone system (Asia Headquarters Special Zone, National Strategic Special Zone), and deregulation in terms of resident status acquisition review (please refer here for details).
In addition, foreign companies can also utilize measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo, including low-interest loans, subsidies, etc. if the company establishes a Japanese corporation.

Incentive name

Subsidy Program for Foreign Financial Companies Establishing Business Base

Incentive type Subisidy
Incentive target industries

Foreign financial companies (asset management or Fintech business operators) newly establishing a business base in Tokyo

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

Subsidies will not exceed one-half of the actual expenses listed below and will be limited to a maximum of JPY 7.5 million.
(1) Expenses necessary for consultation with experts
Expenses paid to experts (attorney, certified administrative procedures legal specialist, public consultant on social and labor insurance) when making consultation on the registration and acquisition of license for operating financial instruments transactions business
(2) Employee recruitment costs
Expenses paid to employment referral service company

Incentive name

Business to promote the acceptance of foreign human resources starting business

Incentive type Others
Incentive target industries

Foreigners aiming to start business in Tokyo (including those who are scheduled to become a cofounder)

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

With Tokyo confirming the business plan regarding the acquisition of the status of residence for “business manager” before the review by the Immigration Bureau, conditions required (securing business base, investment of 5 million yen or employment of 2 or more employees) will be eased, and the status of residence will be given for six months as a special treatment. During this period of six months, the person becomes possible to start various preparations while staying in Japan and fulfil the conditions for “business manager” status.

Incentive name

Business to support the promotion of the entry of foreign companies

Incentive type Others
Incentive target industries

Information and telecommunications, medical care and chemicals, electronic and precision apparatus, aviation-related, finance and securities, contents and creative business (business categories of companies to be certified by the Metropolitan Government)

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

Upon the issuance of certificate of eligibility for the status of residence including “highly skilled professional,” “business manager,” “legal/accounting services,” “engineer/specialist in humanities/international services” for foreigners scheduling to work at foreign companies certified by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the review will become faster and the necessary materials submitted will be simpler. In specific, as follows:

  • The reviewing period, usually about 1 to 3 months, will be shortened to about 10 days
  • It becomes unnecessary to submit materials submitted to Tokyo upon application again to the Immigration Bureau (Metropolitan Government will send them to the Immigration Bureau)
Incentive name

Business to promote the opening of the branches of foreign companies within the International Strategic Zone

Incentive type Others
Incentive target industries

All industries
However, the business implemented by a foreign person should fall under the business of the residence status of “engineer/specialist in humanities/international services” (including trade business, translation/interpretation, IT-related engineer, designer for construction work), and the person should be engaged in the work for more than a year before job relocation (according to the requirement for “intra-company transferee”).

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

In the case where a foreign company uses the facilities provided by a private company that is a member of the Asian Headquarters Special Zone Regional Council as its office, the status of residence of “intra-company transferee” is granted to the employees of such foreign company preparing to open a branch (on the assumption that other requirements for “intra-company transferee” are fulfilled).
Although the status is ordinarily granted only to the branch and subsidiaries, by granting it also in the case of preparing to open a branch, one can go through the procedure for opening in a longer term than the ordinary case of “temporary visitor (90 days)” with residence status. One can also open an account, which is usually difficult with the status of temporary visitor.

Incentive name

Business to promote the acceptance of foreign high-level human resources

Incentive target industries

Foreign companies engaged in either of the following businesses in the Asian Headquarters Special Zone:

  • Foreign company supervising the businesses of two or more corporations
  • Foreign company engaged in research and development on medical information systems utilizing information and telecommunications technology, nanotechnology including carbon fiber, semiconductor technology, etc.
Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

For foreign persons working at the foreign company establishing supervising business/research and development business in Asian Headquarters Special Zone entitled to a preferential tax system based on the Comprehensive Special Zone Act, high-level human resources points will be specially added upon the application for the status of residence for “Highly Skilled Professional 1” and “Highly Skilled Professional 2.”
* The status of residence of “highly skilled professional” can be obtained when the points given according to age, income, academic background, etc. exceed 70 points in total.

Services for investment in Japan

Providing market information Advice on the matters related to entering into Japanese market
Support for establishing a base Consultation on the matters related to establishing a Japanese base, Provision of facilities including a incubation office
Other Other services

Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center
In the center, consultation staff for administrative procedures, dispatched by ministries and the Metropolitan Government, help to facilitate procedures by aiding the preparation and acceptance of applications necessary for incorporation and starting business and for the issuance of the certificate of eligibility. The center also provides interpretation and translation services in different languages upon request from the companies.

Business Development Center TOKYO
The center offers comprehensive service for foreign companies and entrepreneurs who are considering establishing in or expanding to Tokyo, offering support packages for business and lifestyle issues. Staff fluent in both English and Japanese with abundant international business experiences will serve their needs via phone, e-mail, and interview.
For foreign companies that plan an expansion into the Asian Headquarters Special Zone in particular, the center provides both business exchange support and specialized consulting services to support the development of business in Japan.
Financial One-Stop Support Service is also available for foreign financial companies considering the establishment of business in Tokyo. This service offers free consultation by the “Financial Desk Consultant” on support for administrative procedures and comprehensive consulting, jointly with the Financial Services Agency. It is also possible to be introduced to financial experts.

“Access to Tokyo,” a collaboration desk with overseas hub organization
This is the overseas desk of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, accepting inquiries and consultation from local hub organizations supporting foreign companies considering expanding to Tokyo and the actual expansion of such companies. It is located in London, Paris and San Francisco.