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Regional Information Shizuoka city

Shizuoka City, aiming to be the “only one” in marine industry innovation

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Industrial Promotion Section, Commerce & Industry Department, Economic Affairs BureauExternal site: a new window will open.

6-8, Asahi-cho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka Prefecture 424-8701
Tel: +81-54-354-2407 Fax: +81-54-354-2132

Shizuoka city

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The information below is as of January 2017.

Basic Information

Population *1 0.7 million
Labor force *1 0.38 million
Area *2 1,411.9 km²
GDP *3 *
Major industries Electric machinery manufacturing, food product manufacturing, plastic model manufacturing, financial services, wholesaling/retailing
Wage *4
Initial wage for university graduates(Average)
Initial wage for college of technology/junior colledge graduates (Average)
Initial wage for upper secondery school graduates (Average)
Scheduled cash eanings (Average)
Land price(for 1m²) *5
Land price for industrial use (Average)
Land Price for Commercial Use (Average)
Number of Establishments *6 38,220
Number of Employees *6 345,035
JETRO office

JETRO Shizuoka

Regional Profile

Strength of the region's industries and economy

Shizuoka City is located between the big markets in Japan, in a radius of 300 km around which about 60% of the total population in Japan or about 80 million people live. The city boasts a mild climate, rich nature and a hub of transportation, leading to the forming of well-balanced clusters, e.g., manufacturing industries, taking advantage of its geographical strong points. The manufacturing industry includes electrical machinery and equipment, e.g., refrigerators and air-conditioners, and food products, e.g., tuna packing with the largest production in Japan, as proactive industries in the city.

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Available incentives

Subsidy Program for Encouraging Companies to Establish Location
1. Subsidizing part of the expenditure on land acquisition, business investments, and new employment for companies that intend to establish plants and other facilities in the city
2. Subsidizing rent for companies that plan to rent offices in the city
3. Subsidizing part of the expenditure on opening business offices for companies involving business related to the Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport (branch offices of airline companies and foreign travel agencies)
4. Subsidizing part of the expenditure for land acquisition, business investments and new employment for companies that intend to relocate the Headquarters functions to the city or expand such functions in the city

In addition, the city provides a support service system for such companies, e.g., consultation services concerning startups and coordination services for industry-academia collaboration.

Services for investment in Japan

Support for establishing a base Provision of facilities including a incubation office

- SOHO Shizuoka: Facility lease, provision of second startup support services, and provision of business matching events

- B-nest: This business support facility comprises the Shizuoka City Industrial-Academic Exchange Center and the Shizuoka City Miyukicho Library. B-nest offers a broad range of business support (personnel training, industrial-academic collaboration, and information provision) to persons interested in starting their own business, company managers confronting business difficulties, and small and medium-sized companies interested in undertaking new business, and provides new business opportunities.

- Shimizu Industry & Information Plaza: The Plaza helps promote the IT environment at SMEs in order to assist them to form networks between and within industry sectors and to streamline their management. It also offers incubation facility startup assistance and business matching.

- The Center for Creative Communications (CCC): CCC conducts activities for fostering creative talents, encouraging development of content industry development, and promoting collaboration between creators and with local industries.

Support service

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