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The information below is as of January 2017.

Shimane Prefecture has been affectionately known as "the homeland of the Japanese deities" since ancient times, and it has developed a unique culture. Geographically it is situated on the southern rim of the Japan Sea, where the prefecture forms a long, narrow domain stretching from east to west some 200 km. More recently, the prefecture has been actively engaged in improving its industrial infrastructure with airports, expressways, ports and harbors, as well as its information and telecommunications infrastructure and its human resource infrastructure with institutions of higher education and so on.


In 2009 the San-in Expressway was extended to Izumo, connecting the Inland Sea-Shinji Lake Economic Zone which has a concentrated population of over 700,000 people. Construction is also proceeding on the Chugoku Odan Expressway, which connects the Sanin region on the Japan Sea side with the Sanyo region along the Inland Sea.


Shimane Prefecture has three airports at Izumo, Hagi-Iwami, and Oki. Including the adjoining Yonago Airport in Tottori Prefecture, there is access to four airports. Travel from the prefectural capital of Matsue to Izumo Airport takes only 25 minutes.


The major port of Hamada is located in Hamada City, which is approximately in the center of the Iwami district in western Shimane Prefecture. Hamada Port is growing as the largest physical distribution center in Shimane. It has been taking on an increasingly important role as a gateway for international trade with the Japan Sea Rim region.


With the introduction of new model super-express rolling stock and improvement of property and facilities on the JR San-in Line, Matsue and Masuda have been linked by a train ride of approximately two hours since the summer of 2001.