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The information below is as of January 2017.

Located almost at the center of Japan and connecting three major economic zones of the Kinki, Chubu and Hokuriku regions, Shiga Prefecture boasts its history, such as being a key junction of trade and the home of Omi entrepreneurship. Well-organized expressways and other transportation infrastructures provide the public with good accessibility, taking advantage of 19 interchange exits in the prefecture. The prefecture is also located in an area 100 km away from the route connecting Osaka International Airport and Osaka Port. People can reach the route by car from any area of the prefecture within 90 minutes. In addition, the share of optical communication lines in households is 62.6%, which is the largest in Japan.


A variety of arterial roads are running across the prefecture, such as Meishin Expressway, Shin Meishin Expressway, Hokuriku Expressway, National Routes 1, 8 and 161.
- Otsu Interchange Exit to Osaka Port: About 1 hour; Otsu Interchange to Osaka International Airport: About 50 minutes
- Maibara Interchange Exit to Nagoya Port: About 70 minutes; Maibara Interchange Exit to Tsuruga Port: About 90 minutes


Companies in Shiga Prefecture ship their goods by air through Osaka International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Central Japan International Airport, and Nagoya Airport.


Companies in the prefecture ship their goods by waterway through Tsuruga Port, Osaka Port, Kobe Port, Yokkaichi Port, and Nagoya Port.


The Tokaido Shinkansen; JR Biwako, Hokuriku, Kosei and Kusatsu Lines
- JR Otsu station to JR Kyoto station: 9 minutes
- JR Otsu station to JR Osaka station: 40 minutes (by express trains)
- JR Maibara station to JR Tokyo station: About 2 hours (by Shinkansen)