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Regional Information Shiga

Shiga, aiming to become a global innovation base

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Business Attraction Office

4-1-1KyomachiOtsu, Shiga, ♯520-8577
Tel: +81-77-528-3792Fax: +81-77-528-4876


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The information below is as of January 2017.

Basic Information

Population*1 1.41 million
Labor force*1 0.69 million
Area*2 4,017.4 km²
GDP*3 5,968,096 million yen
Major industries Automotive-related, electrical equipment, devices, chemicals, new energy
Initial wage for university graduates(Average)
Initial wage for college of technology/junior colledge graduates (Average)
Initial wage for upper secondery school graduates (Average)
Scheduled cash eanings (Average)
Land price(for 1m²)*5
Land price for industrial use (Average)
Land Price for Commercial Use (Average)
Number of Establishments*6 58,057
Number of Employees*6 590,842
Offices overseas

State of Michigan, US / Hunan, China

JETRO office


Regional Profile

Strength of the region's industries and economy

Shiga Prefecture is the geographical center of Japan and at the junction of the Kansai, Chubu, and Hokuriku regions, making it a strategic place for domestic transportation converging major transportation bases running across broad areas, e.g., Meishin Expressway. The prefecture accounts for 41% of the secondary sector of industry in prefectural gross production, marking the highest share in Japan. As this makes the prefecture one of the most popular prefectures for manufacturing industries, the prefecture offers locations for companies in a variety of manufacturing industries, such as automobiles, electrical and electronic equipment, and pharmaceuticals, and for a cluster of many R&D bases. Endowed with the rich nature around the Biwako Lake, the prefecture has also been endeavoring to encourage the environmental industry, e.g., water environment business, through the utilization of these companies’ high awareness of the natural environment and environment-friendly technologies.

Foreign company(s) operating in the industry

AVX Tantalum Asia Corporation; Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd.; Japan Vilene Co., Ltd.; Procter & Gamble Japan K.K.; Bayer Yakuhin Ltd.; AstraZeneca K.K.; NEC SCHOTT Components Corp.; Recaro Japan Co., Ltd.; KERN-LIEBERS JAPAN K.K.; Amphenol Japan Ltd.; Ioxus Japan Co. Ltd; and Croda Japan KK. (in random order)

Available incentives

Incentive name

Subsidy Program for Promoting Location of Companies Manufacturing Made-in-Shiga Products

Incentive target industries

Headquarters, mother plants and R&D bases in the environment, healthcare, automobile, aerospace, electronics, cutting-edge raw materials, and robot industries

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

As for companies with invested fixed assets of 5 billion yen or less, 5% or less of the total invested fixed assets, up to 1 billion yen
Note: The prefecture sets other requirements for the subsidy programs. For details, contact the prefecture.