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Okinawa as a Business Hub that connects Asia and Japan

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The information below is as of November 2017.

Living environment

Because Okinawa Prefecture contains the largest U.S. military base in the Far East, there are over 50,000 foreign residents (including civilian employees of the military). Because of this, there is a considerable volume of housing for U.S. military officers and other foreigners in the area, as well as an international school, hospitals where patients can be served in foreign languages and other facilities that create a comfortable living environment for people not originally from Japan.

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International schools

Okinawa AMICUS International (kindergarten, elementary and junior high schools)
Okinawa Christian School International
New Life Academy

Health services catering to foreigners

Hokubu Medical Association Hospital: English
Urasoe General Hospital: English, Chinese, Korean
Makiminato Chuo Hospital: English
University of the Ryukyus Hospital: English
Chubu Tokushukai Hospital: English, Chinese, Korean
Okinawa Kyodo Hospital: English
Tomishiro Central Hospital: English, Chinese, Korean
Nanbu Tokushukai Hospital: English, Chinese, Korean
Nanbu Medical Center/Nanbu Child Medical Center: English, Chinese, Korean
Okinawa Miyako Hospital: English