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Okinawa as a Business Hub that connects Asia and Japan

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The information below is as of November 2017.

The strategic location of Okinawa Prefecture at a crossroad of routes that connect Japan's mainland with continental China and Southeast Asia, at a distance of roughly 2,000km or 2.5 hours by aircraft from Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Manila and other major cities in the region, makes it a hub for international exchange, and thus it is an attractive destination for business development in Asia and Japan.

Naha Harbor


The Okinawa Highway, a major artery linking Naha Airport with Nago City (approx. 75km, a 60 minute or so drive), covers the stretch between the Nakagusuku Bay New Port District (the largest industrial park site in Okinawa Prefecture) and Naha Airport in only 45 minutes to facilitate efficient overland transport.


The number of domestic flight services in Naha Airport is the fourth largest in Japan, following Haneda, Kansai International, and New Chitose Airports. It is linked to 27 cities throughout Japan, providing an enriched environment from which passengers can reach different regions around Japan constantly. Regarding international flights, the airport has excellent access to major cities in East Asia, for instance about 1 hour and 30 minutes to Taipei and about 2 hours 30 minutes to Hong Kong. It is expected that the number of flights will increase further with the completion of two runways currently under construction (scheduled to be in service in March 2020). Also, the volume of international cargo traded via Naha Airport is the fourth largest in Japan, following Narita, Kansai International, and Haneda Airports. Going through the OKINAWA Bridging Asia (international logistics hub of Okinawa), which is operated 24 hours a day, it realizes high-speed logistics where cargoes depart major Asian cities, including those in Japan, late at night and arrive at the destination early in the following morning. Currently, there are direct routes of cargo transportation to seven major cities in Asia, including Taiwan, Seoul, Bangkok, and Singapore.


A stable transportation route is established from Naha Port, with regular international lines in service capitalizing on the geographical advantage of being close to Asia, including China and Taiwan (volume of traded foreign cargo in 2016: over 1 million ton). In addition, establishment of additional gantry cranes and the improvement of various facilities in Naha Port is being implemented, in order to increase the amount of foreign trade cargoes handled. Also, the international container terminal of Naha Port is in a convenient location of about 10-minute drive to Naha Airport, so it is an optimum place for the logistics model that combines maritime and air transportations. A large-scale and highly functional “comprehensive logistics center” is being developed in the site adjacent to the terminal. With this center, it becomes possible to attract companies that generate added values with the advancement of international and domestic logistics and through distributive processing, aimed to form a full-scale waterfront logistics industry.