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Okinawa as a Business Hub that connects Asia and Japan

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The information below is as of November 2017.

Manufacturing, logistics, and aviation related industry

(Related sectors: Food manufacturing, Aircraft, Electronics)

Attractive features

Leveraging on technologies originally accumulated as the result of the cluster of manufacturing business and the development of young technology experts, new manufacturing industry will be established where human resources are developed, added values are generated, and marketed in Asia. In the Asian region where global hub airports and ports compete, Okinawa develops together rather than competing, capitalizing on its advantage and as the regional hub connecting major cities in Asia. Further, a aircraft maintenance base is built as the core to formulate the aviation-related industry cluster.

Major education/research institutes of the industry

“Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology", "Okinawa Mold Technology Institute", "Okinawa Life Science Research Center" and "Okinawa Health Biotechnology Research and Development center" are located in the industrial park in the Nakagusuku New Bay Port district.
There are Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa Prefectural Chubu Hospital, etc. to support the enterprise by the organic cooperation among related organizations by applied research and providing information on science and technology.

Major industry cluster plans, special zones and industry-government-academia collaboration of the industry

Okinawa prefecture established “Okinawa Promotion Council of Industry- Academia-Government Collaboration”, which aims to facilitate and exchange information to address industry-academia-government collaboration as well as to promote interaction exchanges among them. The Council endeavors to promote the collaboration among them. In addition, Okinawa Technology Licensing Organization was established to promote the creation of new industries through intellectual property and technology transfer from universities and research institutes in Okinawa.

Information and telecommunications industry

(Related sectors: ICT)

Attractive features

Based on the information and telecommunications industry cluster formed through efforts so far, strategic measures in Japan and overseas including Asia are actively implemented to raise the recognition and attractiveness of Okinawa. Promote further gathering of companies, human resources and knowledge to formulate one of Asia’s largest international information and telecommunications hub (Smart Hub) connecting Japan and Asia.

Major industry cluster plans, special zones and industry-government-academia collaboration of the industry
  • Develop bridging human resources contributing in business collaboration and development in Asia for IT companies in the prefecture.
  • Collaborate with other industries including tourism, medical care and agriculture to create and promote business that leads to the sophistication and increased competitiveness of each industry.

Tourism-related industry

(Related sectors: Tourism, Other Services)

Attractive features

Utilizing the intangible power of Okinawa that attracts tourists from Japan and abroad with its abundant nature, characteristic islands and unique history/culture, the prefecture tries to differentiate itself from other competing resort destinations and to formulate a world-class high-quality tourist resort with international competitiveness.

Major industry cluster plans, special zones and industry-government-academia collaboration of the industry
  • Reinforce activities to attract MICE with the development of large-scale MICE facilities.
  • Promote the development of facilities compatible with cruise ships, including the development of facilities to accept large-sized cruise ships in Naha Port.
  • Reinforce the promotion of “Okinawa Tourism Promotion Road Map” including the improvement of information and telecommunications environment for tourists from abroad and the promotion of branding.
  • Promote efforts for attracting foreign wealthy classes, such as the creation of new resort destinations targeted for wealthy classes by utilizing Shimojishima Airport and neighboring sites in Miyako Island.