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Oita Prefecture, with a wide variety of well-balanced industrial clusters

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3-1-1 Ohtemachi, Oita-City, 870-8501
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The information below is as of November 2017.


- To Kitakyusyu: About 1 hour 20 minutes
- To Fukuoka: About 2 hours
- To Kumamoto: About 3 hours
- To Miyazaki: About 2 hours 50 minutes
- To Kagoshima: About 5 hours


Domestic airlines:
- To Tokyo (Haneda Airport): About 85 minutes; 14 flights per day
- To Tokyo (Narita Airport): About 95 minutes; 1 to 2 flights per day
- To Osaka (Itami Airport): About 55 minutes; 7 flights per day
- To Nagoya (Chubu Airport): About 60 minutes; 2 flights per day

International airlines:
- To Seoul (Incheon Airport): About 1 hour 30 minutes; 4 flights per week
- To Taiwan (Taichung Airport): About 2 hours 25 minutes; 7 flights per week


Domestic ferries:
- To Osaka (Osaka Nanko Port): About 11 hours 50 minutes; 1 shipping service per day
- To Kobe (Kobe Port): About 11 hours 30 minutes; 1 shipping service per day

Domestic container linter (roll-on/roll-off ship)
To Kobe (2 shipping services per week), to Shimizu (3 shipping services per week), to Tokyo (Ariake) (3 shipping services per week)

International container liner:
To Shanghai (1 shipping service per week), to South Korea (Busan) (2 shipping services per week), Taiwan (Keelung, Kaohsiung) (1 shipping service per week)


- To Osaka: About 3 hours 50 minutes (using Shinkansen and limited express trains)
- To Hakata: About 2 hours (using limited express trains via Kokura Station)
- To Kokura: About 1 hours 20 minutes (using limited express trains)