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Regional Information Niigata city

Niigata, the technological strength of world-level monodzukuri (manufacturing)

Your Regional Guide : Atsushi Fukuda

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5F Nishibori6bankan Bldg.
894-1,6ban-cho,Nishiborimaedo-ri,Chuo-ku,Niigata City,Niigata Prefecture 951-8507
Tel: +81-25-226-1621 Fax: +81-25-225-3255

Niigata city

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The information below is as of November 2017. (Basic Information: September 2018)

Basic Information

Population *1 0.79 million
Labor force *1 0.41 million
Area (square kilometer) *2 726.5
GDP *3 3,126,273 million yen
Major industries Service, wholesaling/retailing, real estate, manufacturing, construction
Wage *4
Initial wage for university graduates(Average)
Initial wage for college of technology/junior colledge graduates (Average)
Initial wage for upper secondery school graduates (Average)
Scheduled cash eanings (Average)
Land price(for 1square meter) *5
Land price for industrial use (Average)
Land Price for Commercial Use (Average)
Number of Establishments *6 38,377
Number of Employees *6 396,433
Offices overseas

Beijing, China

JETRO office

JETRO Niigata

Regional Profile

Strength of the region's industries and economy

Niigata City, located on the Sea of Japan side of Honshu, with extensive transportation infrastructure, including Niigata Port and Niigata Airport which provide overseas service, Shinkansen trains and expressways which connect the city to the Tokyo metropolitan area. In terms of industrial structure, it is a commercial city with a high proportion of tertiary industries, while boasting high levels of agricultural production. Niigata City ranks first in Japan in volume of rice production. Food product manufacturing and chemical industry, pulp and paper manufacturing are among the city's important manufacturing sectors.

Niigata e-Startup Center

Foreign company(s) operating in the industry

Companies from China, Russia and other countries have developed business in the city in a variety of business forms, e.g., branches and joint venture businesses.

Company name RYUETSU soft co.ltd
Country China
Industry sector

Development of IT-related software

Date of entry August 2007
Motivation for selecting region

Heilongjiang University East Software Corporation, one of our company's ventures located in the city of Harbin in China's Heilongjiang Province, has for many years been principally engaged in software export to Japan and personnel training through collaboration with Chinese and Japanese companies, universities and research institutes. Efforts to improve employees' advanced technical skills and Japanese language ability have helped us create the international corporate atmosphere needed for joint research, development, business and progress between China and Japan, and we are now have a significant chance for expansion. Encouraged by our participation in the March 2007 briefing on incentives for investing in Japan held by the JETRO Dalian Office in Harbin, we began considering expanding our operations into Japan. As a consequence, our company has pursued business collaboration in software development (offshore development) for more than five years with our business partner BSN Information NETwork Service (also one of our company's ventures) in Niigata City, a sister city to Harbin. We recently established a new company in Niigata City to improve exchange between the engineers at both companies and to pursue
closer business tie-ups.


We had good opportunities to attend business matching events between Chinese and Japanese companies organized by related organizations.
At the events, we were able to access highly-feasible information on developing business in Japan and had smooth information exchange with partner companies of venture businesses.
We operate business subsidized by Niigata City under the Subsidy Program for Foreign-Affiliated Companies to Establish New Companies and the program for assisting office rent. These programs helped us cut expenditure related to initial investment.
We consider our office as an exchange base for the system engineering area bridging Japan and China and will put an eye on a variety of services, including offshore development and other IT-related software development and IT-related Japan-China business consulting services.

Available incentives

Niigata City provides foreign-affiliated companies that intend to develop business in Japan with meticulous support measures to meet their needs, including information on Japanese business practices and introduction of lease offices and stores. It also accepts a mission of such companies to study the city in advance and introduces local companies to them. Along with these efforts, companies that are establishing a main business base in the city will be provided with assistance such as introduction to special advisers in legal, tax related and other areas until they complete the establishing process. Subsidies to cover the cost of establishing a business base in the city and a part of rent are also provided.

Incentive name

Subsidy Program for Foreign-Affiliated Companies concerning Their Business Development in Niigata City (Subsidy for Business Registration Expenditure)

Incentive type Subsidies
Incentive target industries

All industries

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

Subsidy Amount: JPY 150,000 (Maximum)

Incentive name

Foreign Capital Enterprise Promotion Subsidy
Office rental fee assistance

Incentive type Subsidies
Incentive target industries

All industries

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

Subsidy ratio: 2/3 or less (up to 50,000 per month)
For details, see the guidelines of the program.

Services for investment in Japan

Providing market information Advice on the matters related to entering into Japanese market
Support for establishing a base Consultation on the matters related to establishing a Japanese base

"Niigata Industrial Promotion Center (IPC)
The IPC engages in projects concerning introductions to products, new products, technological development, support for sales channel expansion, management guidance, and technology diffusion for industries run by small and medium-sized companies.

Niigata City Beijing Office
In April 2007 Niigata City opened its first overseas office in the Chinese capital of Beijing, which is seeing remarkable economic growth. Responsible for disseminating information on Niigata City in China, this Office actively supports companies wishing to expand into Niigata.
Address: Room 704 Henderson Center, No. 18 Jianguomen Nei Da Jie, Dongcheng District, Beijing, PRC
Organization: 4 staff members Tel: +86-10-6517-2460 Fax: +86-10-6517-8687

Niigata City Beijing Office