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The information below is as of November 2017.

Next-Generation Industry

(Related sectors: Life science, Environment and Energy, Automobiles and transportation equipment)

Attractive features

Companies with superior technology that has been cultivated over the years (parts with advanced functions, advanced processing technology, energy-saving technology, miniaturization technology, digitization technology) are clustered in the prefecture. Taking advantage of this and the experiences accumulated over the years, the prefecture is promoting activities to attract industries centered on the following three industrial fields that are expected to grow: health and medical, environment and energy, and next-generation transportation.

Major education/research institutes of the industry
  • Shinshu University; Tokyo University of Science, Suwa; Nagano National College of Technology; Nagano Prefectural Institute of Technology and others are producing numerous graduates qualified in science and technology.
  • Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Center (Material Technology Department, Precision and Electronics Technology Department, Environment and Information Technology Department, Food Technology Department
Major industry cluster plans, special zones and industry-government-academia collaboration of the industry

[Regional Innovation Strategy Promoting Regions (Regions Focused on Strengthening International Competitiveness)]
Through the application of “ultra-precision technology,” which Nagano has cultivated over the years, the prefecture will promote the development of devices in the medical field.

[Shinshu University International Science Center for Innovation]
Shinshu University, Hitachi, Toray, Showa Denko and others form an all-Japan team to promote water clarification research.

Aircraft-related industry

(Related sectors: Aircraft)

Attractive features

Minami-Shinshu region led by Iida City started the “Special Zone to Create Asia’s No.1 Aerospace Industrial Cluster” in 2006. “Aerospace Iida,” operated by companies within the project, is accepting orders jointly from major heavy manufacturing companies. In 2014, the region was designated as the “Special Zone to Create Asia’s No.1 Aerospace Industrial Cluster,” which is one of the national government’s National Strategic Special Zones, and its size has expanded to 15 municipalities within the prefecture, covering 57 companies, as of the end of March, 2017. The prefecture has also been supporting the industry, such as improving the organization and equipment related to aviation in the General Industrial Technology Center. Shinshu University established a course for joint research on aircraft systems in Iida City.

Principal Japanese companies in the industry

IHI Aero Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., AIKO Electronics, Apple High Tech, K.K., Iidaseiki Inc., Iida Seimitsu Co.,Ltd. IDEA SYSTEM CO,. LTD., USHIKOSHI Seisakusyo K.K., Oshima Denshi K.K., Ono Seisakusho Co.,Ltd. Kaga Works K.K., Kyoshin Seiko Co.,Ltd.,Kyodensya K.K.., KYOWASEIKO CORPORATION, KURODASEIKI Co.,Ltd., Kenkoseiki Seisakusyo K.K., Koeiseiki K.K., Sankyo Intec Co.,ltd., Sanyo Tool Mfg. Co.,Ltd., Sanwa Robotics K.K., JTB MEDIA CREATION,Inc. (JMC), Shikibo Ltd, Shinano Kogyo K.K., Sinawa Kosaku Co.,Ltd. DAIKO TOOL K.K., DAIYA SEIKI Co.,Ltd., TAKAMORI Co.,Ltd., TAMAGAWA SEIKI Co.,Ltd., Tamagawa Techno Creation Co.,Ltd., Tamagawa Parts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., Tamagawa Microtep Co.,Ltd., Tsukada Riken Industry Co., Ltd., TA System K.K., Tech Misawa K.K (TMC), Digital Spice Corporation, Nakamitsu K.K., Nanshin Seiki Seisakusho Co.,Ltd., NISHIYAMA PRECISION SHEET METAL CO., LTD, Nittoh Inc., NIHON MICRON CO., LTD., NEXAS Co,. Ltd., Nonaka Plant Co.,Ltd. HIDEX K.K., HAMASHIMA SEIKI Co.,Ltd., HAYASHI Seiki K.K., PAE K.K., HIRAIDE PRECISION CO,. LTD., Heiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd., MATSUMOTO PRECISION K.K., MARUTAKA Seisakusyo K.K., MARUHI INCORPORATED., Maruhou Keiki Co., Ltd., Moriwakiseiki K.K., YASAKI Manufacturing K.K., Yamato Denki Ind. Co., Ltd., Usetech Co.,LTD., yokokawakeiki. Ltd., Yoshikazu K.K.

Major education/research institutes of the industry

Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Center improved its aircraft-related support function and newly established the satellite to support aircraft-related industry in Iida City. Shinshu University founded the joint research course for aircraft systems (Minami-Shinshu, Iida Satellite Campus). Nagano Techno Foundation established a full-time coordinator in the Ina Techno Valley Regional Center. Minami-Shinshu Iida Industry Center, working on the Iida Aerospace Project, prepared the base plant for the aerospace industry cluster.

Major industry cluster plans, special zones and industry-government-academia collaboration of the industry

The prefecture formulated the “Nagano Prefecture Aircraft Industry Promotion Vision,” and is promoting the creation of the “base for aircraft system in Asia” where aircraft system-related companies and research and development functions accumulate.

Food manufacturing industry

(Related sectors: Food manufacturing, Life science, Service)

Attractive features

Companies in the prefecture manufacturing foods, taking on the advantage of the abundant agricultural products and the climate of Nagano Prefecture (juice, canned vegetables, agar, etc.) and foods made by using the technology of fermentation (miso, pickles, etc.), hold a large domestic market share, and corporations are actively capitalizing on these strong points.
There is also the dietary life peculiar to Shinshu, based on the original dietary culture, supporting the health and longevity in Nagano Prefecture and traditional foods (fermented food, agricultural processed products, etc.), in addition to the natural environment (clean air and water, location, etc.), so there are many factors that can be utilized for starting food manufacturing businesses.

Principal Japanese companies in the industry

MARUKOME CO., LTD, Ina Food Industry Co., Ltd., SHINSHU HAM CO., LTD., Misuzu Corporation Co.,Ltd., Asuzac Foods, Inc.

Major education/research institutes of the industry

- There are universities producing human resources related to “food,” including Shinshu University Faculty of Agriculture and the University of Nagano.
- Food Technology Sector, Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Center (Happy Shinshu Food Development Center)

Major industry cluster plans, special zones and industry-government-academia collaboration of the industry

The prefecture is formulating the “Nagano Prefecture Food Manufacturing Business Promotion Vision.” As the food production industry promotional measures, the prefecture is engaged in efforts regarding food and fermentation, and will promote development support, analysis and evaluation utilizing Happy Shinshu Food Development Center, and communication in the market and support for opening new sales channels and capitalizing on the strong points of Nagano Prefecture (fermented food and health and longevity).