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The information below is as of November 2017.

Miyagi is located approximately 300 km northeast of Tokyo in the center of the Tohoku region. It includes Sendai City (one of 12 government-designated cities in Japan) and has approximately 2,350,000 residents.
Also, as the gateway to the Tohoku region, Miyagi maintains a network of expressways leading to each of the prefectures in the Tohoku region. It also provides easy access to Tokyo by train, arriving in 90 minutes by the fastest Tohoku Shinkansen; one can easily go to Tokyo and be back for business in a day. In addition, Sendai Airport and the Port of Sendai offer transport routes to regions throughout the world, making Miyagi a convenient location logistically.
Although infrastructure in Miyagi suffered severe damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake, it has recovered to the same level as before the earthquake.


The Tohoku Jukan Expressway runs through the middle of the prefecture, with an interchange to the North Sendai Industrial Park, the hub for automotive-related industries, making Miyagi ideally situated for distribution by road. Sendai was the first to introduce vehicles-only road along its ring road network, among cities with population of over 1 million.


Sendai Airport is at a very convenient location, about 25 mins to central Sendai (17 min on express trains) by train (without having to change), and about 5 minutes to Sendai Airport Interchange on Sendai Tobu Road. In May 2014, 10 domestic lines (60 round-trip flights/day), 6 international lines (13 round-trip flights/week) are planned to be in services and is expected for future development as international hub airport for cargo and for business and tourism.
Moreover, the airport will be run by the private sector from March 2016.


Sendai Shiogama port was heavily damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake but its functions are almost recovered and planned for full resumption during 2014. Currently the port deals with imports and export to more than 100 countries and 300 ports in the world, which is more than before the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In 2013, the whole amount of cargo handled was recovered to the level before the Earthquake. The amount of container cargo handled at the port was recovered to 94.3% of the peak.
In 2014, Miyagi Prefecture aims at the further development through achieving the goal: the amount of container cargo handled at the port will break the record of the peak.


It takes only an hour and half at the quickest from Sendai to Tokyo by Tohoku Shinkansen, which is operated eight times an hour (both directions respectively). A day's business trip is possible.