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Regional Information Kyoto

Innovation Capital Kyoto

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Trade and Commerce Division, Department of Commerce, Labor and TourismExternal site: a new window will open.

Yabunouchi-cho, Nishiiru, Shinmachi, Shimotachiuri-dori, Kamikyo-ku, Kyoto-city Kyoto Prefecture 602-8570
Tel: +81-75-414-4874Fax: +81-75-414-4870


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The information below is as of November 2017. (Basic Information: September 2018)

Basic Information

Population *1 2.64 million
Labor force *1 1.30 million
Area (square kilometer)*2 4,612.20
GDP *3 10,345,459 million yen
Major industries Electrical equipment, transport equipment, precision equipment, textile and chemical industry
Wage *4
Initial wage for university graduates(Average)
Initial wage for upper secondery school graduates (Average)
Scheduled cash eanings (Average)
Land price(for 1square meter) *5
Land price for industrial use (Average)
Land Price for Commercial Use (Average)
Number of Establishments *6 127,561
Number of Employees *6 1,242,107
Offices overseas

Kyoto Prefecture Shanghai Business Support Center

JETRO office

Regional Profile

Strength of the region's industries and economy

Kyoto's special characteristics include its world-renowned traditional arts such as Nisijin brocade and unique Kyoto styles of Yuzen silk dyeing, pottery, and dolls, and these exacting, intricate traditional arts of Kyoto is the force behind the rise of many advanced technologies. Many world-leading companies are located in Kyoto.

Moreover, Kyoto's smaller businesses and their unique products and technologies are another of the prefecture's attractive features. Kyoto is aiming to become a major IT cluster attracting IT-related companies to the area and fostering new venture businesses by taking advantage of Kyoto's stand-out characteristic of high-tech IT-related companies sitting side by side with companies with advanced manufacturing technologies.

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Foreign company(s) operating in the industry

Kyoto Prefecture hosts more than ten foreign-affiliated companies.

In recent years, the technological capabilities of Kyoto businesses combined with the R&D capacity of the prefecture's universities and research institutions have seen Kyoto become the focus of considerable attention from foreign-affiliated companies promoting R&D.

Kyoto is also a high-potential area to invest for companies focusing on sales with an eye on the huge Kansai market.

Company name Ceres PowerExternal site: a new window will open.
Country England
Industry sector

Fuel Cell

Outline of business

Ceres Power Holdings PLC is a world leading developer of low cost, next generation fuel cell technology. Used in decentralised energy products, our Steel Cells enable a change in the way homes and businesses generate their power, reducing energy costs, lowering CO2 emissions, increasing efficiency and improving energy security and reliability.

Date of entry Apr-14
Motivation for selecting region

We chose Kyoto, which is convenient for shinkansen transportation, because our clients are located not only in Tokyo, but also in various part of Japan.

The reasons we chose Kyoto, Kyoto Research Park in particular, among others are

  1. Internationally famous
  2. Comfortable to live
  3. Lots of universities, and knowledge is accumulated here
Support provided by local government or JETRO
  • Support for moving into premises
  • Business set-up assistance
  • Support for expansion of network in Japan

The population and the scale of Kyoto are moderate, which make the city more comfortable to live than big cities like Tokyo. Kyoto has the atmosphere of welcoming foreigners. And nature is abundant here. Living here with family is especially nice.

As a base in Japan, we chose Kyoto Research Park, which has many foreign companies, and is active in the collaboration between industry, academia, and public institutes.

Kyoto is motivated to create a new thing, which is a great advantage for the business development.

Available incentives

In addition to a good job environment and a cluster of many universities and research centers, many globally active companies are located in Kyoto.

The 'Kyoto brand' that has been inherited from cultures sophisticated throughout its history and traditional industry to advanced industry will give new business development.

Kyoto Prefecture offers support for your location in coordination with municipalities, offering incentives such as subsidies, loans, and special provisions on taxation.

Incentive name

Industry location strategy 21 special project grant

Incentive type Subsidies
Incentive target industries

Manufacturing- and Information-related industry, etc.
*Includes manufaturing-like businesses (plant factories)

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.) For companies located in Kyoto, Kyoto or its municipalties will provide
  • Office Establishment Subsidy
    Subsidizing 10% of invested fixed assets *1 *2
  • Employment Subsidy
    100,000 yen to 500,000 yen *2

*1 Fix asset excluding land
*2 In the case of locating in Kyoto City, the subsidy rate and unit price change.

Limit amount varies depending on areas to locate and the number of full-time employees within the prefecture.

Incentive name

Business location promotion loans for the creation of jobs

Incentive type Loan Scheme
Incentive target industries

Manufacturing, etc.
*Includes manufacturing-like businesses (plant factories)

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

Loans available at low interest, 1.2%, for new office set-up or existing office expansion that result in job creation Maximum amount: 2 billion yen (up to 90% of its capital)

Incentive name

Taxation for the Promotion of Forming Manufacturing Industry Cluster

Incentive type Prefential Tax Treatment
Incentive target industries

Manufacturing, software businesses, and information processing services

Outline of Incentives (Requirements etc.)

Reduction of real estate acquisition tax up to 50% for companies newly establishing or expanding factories in Manufacturing Cluster Promotion Areas
*Requirements are applicable

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Services for investment in Japan

Support for establishing a base Consultation on the matters related to establishing a Japanese base, Provision of facilities including a incubation office

Kyoto invests significant efforts into attracting businesses from overseas, establishing new research facilities and building relationships with foreign entrepreneurs and researchers. In response to the wide-ranging support systems put in place by the national government and the Kyoto prefectural and municipal governments, the Kyoto Foreign Investment Promotion CommitteeExternal site: a new window will open. (KIC) was established in April 2003.
The KIC serves as a one-stop service institution for foreign businesses to learn and do everything necessary to set up a business in Kyoto, and is working to establish a support regime to further promote investment in Kyoto by foreign companies. [ Kyoto Foreign Investment Promotion CommitteeExternal site: a new window will open. (KIC)]
Operators: Kyoto Prefectural and Municipal Governments, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kansai Research Institute, Kyoto Research Park Corp, JETRO Kyoto

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