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Kumamoto -  Japan’s  leading semiconductor industry center - the automobile and food service industries are also concentrating one after another -

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The information below is as of November 2017.

Kumamoto Prefecture lies at the geographical center of Kyushu, which is near Asia. Therefore, using Kumamoto as a base, it is possible to engage in business development from Kumamoto or Fukuoka targeting South Korea, Taiwan, China and other Asian countries, as well as other world regions. The prefecture offers an outstanding location for Asian development and production bases targeting the markets of East Asia and China. Improvements in the express highway network links Kumamoto to the major cities of Kyushu in a maximum of around 150 minutes, making this an optimum operational base for production, distribution and marketing.


Construction of the Kyushu Expressway and other express highway system improvements now link Kumamoto to the major cities of Kyushu in around 150 minutes.


Aso Kumamoto Airport is equipped with a 3,000m class runway. It takes 95 minutes to Tokyo (20 flights/daily), 65 minutes to Osaka (10 flights/daily), 75 minutes to Nagoya (6 flights/daily), and 85 minutes to Okinawa (1 flight/daily). As for international flights, it takes 150 minutes (3 flights/weekly) to Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Service to Kumamoto and Fukuoka, meanwhile, is also operated from Amakusa Airport. Connections through Fukuoka Airport (about 1 hour's drive from Kumamoto) provide links to 24 cities in Japan and 19 cities overseas (as of November 2016).


Operated from Kumamoto Port and Yatsushiro Port is regular international container service that links Ningbo and Hong Kong in China through South Korea's Busan. The connections through Busan Port, Hong Kong and Ningbo make it possible to engage in trade with ports around the world. Container exports and imports, meanwhile, comprise a business that is subsidized for the purpose of promoting greater use.
*By way of Hakata Port (about a 90-minute drive from Kumamoto), access is available to 39 sea routes serving overseas destinations (as of November 2016).


On the “Kyushu Shinkansen”, fully opened in March, 2011, the trip between Hakata and Kumamoto is 33 minutes and between Shin-Osaka and Kumamoto 2 hours and 58 minutes.