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Koriyama, a city with a cluster of renewable energy and medical equipment-related industries

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Koriyama city

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The information below is as of November 2017.

Living environment

In addition to clinics run by primary care doctors located all over the city, Koriyama City provides 22 hospitals, 246 clinics and 172 dental clinics, and medical organizations with advanced medical services.
Moreover, under the slogan of child-centrism, the city has been endeavoring to establish measures and systems to foster vigorous and healthy children.
The city also boasts outstanding food: Asaka Mai, a rice brand, Uneme Beef, Nunobiki-Kogen-Daikon, a radish brand, koi carp and sake brewed at local breweries.
Furthermore, the city is endowed with abundant nature, e.g., Nunobiki Highlands; tourist destinations, e.g., Bandai-Atami spa; and, leisure facilities, e.g., an ice skating rink and an amusement park.