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Koriyama, a city with a cluster of renewable energy and medical equipment-related industries

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Koriyama city

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The information below is as of November 2017.

Koriyama City boasts a diverse transportation network comprised of land, sea, and air routes, e.g., Shinkansen, expressways, and ocean routes via Iwaki and Niigata.
People will be able to access Tokyo Station by Shinkansen in just 77 minutes. Koriyama City is attracting companies’ attention from the viewpoint of the dispersion of risk and business continuity plans due to its accessibility as a junction of expressways and railways.
Moreover, as China, South Korea and emerging countries in East Asia have been dramatically expanding their economic scale, the distribution business in the city has also been vigorous. Under this trend, the city has been addressing imports business through Niigata Port.


Routes from major cities and required time:
- From Sendai: 90 minutes (Tohoku Expressway; about 110 km)
- From Niigata: About 2 hours (Ban-Etsu Expressway; about 145 km)
- From Tokyo: About 2.5 hours (Tohoku Expressway; about 240 km)
- From Nagoya: About 6.5 hours (Tohoku Expressway-Meishin Expressway; about 570 km)
- From Osaka: About 8 hours (Ban-Etsu Expressway-Hokuriku Expressway-Meishin Expressway; about 740 km)
- From Osaka: About 9 hours (Tohoku Expressway-Tomei Expressway-Meishin Expressway; about 730 km)


Routes from major cities and required time:
Air route (Fukushima Airport)
- From Sapporo: 80 minutes
- From Osaka: 70 minutes


Sea route (Niigata Port-Onahama Port)
Domestic: Tokyo Port-Yokohama Port
International: Busan (South Korea)-Ningbo Port-Shanghai Port (China)
Volume of trade by port:
- Niigata Port: 32.200 million tons (2015)
- Onahama Port: 16.740 million tons (2015)
- Yokohama Port: 114.740 million tons (2015)
- Busan Port (South Korea): 313.800 million tons (2014)
- Shanghai Port (China): 697.000 million tons (2014)


Routes from major cities and required time:
JR Shinkansen:
- From Sendai: 35 minutes (Tohoku Shinkansen)
- From Tokyo: 77 minutes (Tohoku Shinkansen)
- From Nagoya: 3 hours (Tohoku Shinkansen-Tokaido Shinkansen)
- From Osaka: 4 hours (Tohoku Shinkansen-Tokaido Shinkansen)