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Kawasaki, the pioneer city for industry and research & development

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International Economic Affairs Office, Economic and Labor Affairs Bureau

Kawasaki Frontier Building 10th floor
11-2 Ekimae-honcho, Kawasaki-ku
Kawasaki City, Kanagawa 210-0007
Tel: +81-44-200-2314 Fax: +81-44-200-3920

Kawasaki city

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The information below is as of July 2015.

Living environment

Kawasaki has a mild climate with a low crime rate and it is a comfortable place to live.
In 1996, the Kawasaki City Representative Assembly for Foreign Residents, the first of its kind in Japan, was established by ordinance to reflect the views of foreign residents in City administration. In 2005 the City drafted Kawasaki Multicultural Symbiotic Society Promotion Plan, one of many steps it has taken to create a multicultural society of self-reliant residents living together harmoniously. Furthermore, the City is equipped with social infrastructure such that foreign residents can enjoy civic life with ease. For example, Kawasaki provides disaster prevention information in seven languages, information of health care services that offers foreign language services, and counseling services for foreigners.

Health services catering to foreigners

The “Kawasaki Doctors” section of the Kawasaki City website permits searches for hospitals capable of communicating with patients in foreign languages.
The website of the Kawasaki International Association also lists medical institutions capable of communicating with patients in foreign languages.