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10-1 Kamoike Shinmachi, Kagoshima-city, Kagoshima Prefecture 890-8577
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The information below is as of November 2017.

Kagoshima Prefecture, by utilizing its geographical advantage of being situated in the southernmost part of Japan, has a great potential to grow as the gateway to Asia.
Kagoshima Airport has scheduled domestic flights to major cities in Japan and international flights to Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong.
In terms of maritime transportation, Shibushi Port and Sendai Port have scheduled domestic and international container ship routes.
Furthermore, linkage to mass transit hubs such as major airports and ports is being developed, and its business environment is seeing a significant improvement since the opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen line.


Completion of Kyushu Jukan Expressway, Minami-Kyushu Expressway, Higashi-Kyushu Expressway and other motor expressways.


Domestic flights: 17 routes (78 flights per day), International flights: 4 routes (Shanghai, Seoul, Taiwan, Hong Kong; 20 flights per week)
Kagoshima International Airport, which is located in the center of the prefecture, is close to the interchange of the Kyushu Expressway crossing Kyushu, connecting to major cities in and outside of the prefecture. It also has a cargo terminal building, which makes it a logistics base for domestic and international goods.


Functioning as international logistics bases, scheduled shipping service to Korea, China, Taiwan, and other destinations is operated from Shibushi Port (container ship routes for international trade: four routes, 13 ships per week) and scheduled shipping service to Korea and Taiwan (three ships per week) is operated from Sendai Port.


The Kyushu Shinkansen is maintained.
One hour and 16 minutes to Hakata at the fastest
Three hours and 43 minutes to Shin-Osaka at the fastest